Friday, July 19, 2013

{this moment} - and the weekly {Smile-Up}

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"There are no ordinary moments." ~Way of the Peaceful Warrior

{this moment} - a Friday ritual. A photo (or few) capturing moments from the week. Simple, special, extraordinary moments. Moments I want to pause, savor and remember.
Served up with the weekly {Smile-Up} - gratitude practices to love and appreciate your life. 

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' and 'smile up' in the comments for all to find and see.
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{this moment}

[day at the beach ^_^]

{Smile Up}:

Sunny Beach days! 
Once again I have to say having amazing landlords--they are two of the most amazing people I've met! :) 
Crazy thunderstorms! 
My Rainbow Slouch Hat by KnotaGeek! 
Booked our second Portland trip with my bestie! 
Berry picking at awesome U-Picks--through sunshine and rain!
Llamas and donkeys! We got to feed some at the U-Pick. :)  
Tea dates with awesome people!
Markets markets! 
Skyping with two of our best friends from Edmonton!   
The good news that those friends will be staying with us for a couple days!!  
Drawing, writing, creating--as always! 
My kitties--so much love and laughter and joy. I love them so much.
Fresh zucchinis and greens and veggies from our garden! Gardens are so magical and I feel so blessed by how well ours is doing this year! 
Living in the Kootenays! 
Being self-employed! I work hard but I so love my job and getting to take breaks outside at our beautiful home.  
Having such supportive friends and supportive husband, who check up on me and are completely there for me. 
When things magically just sort of work out. :) 
Hugs! Hugs are always amazing, it's my favourite part of randomly bumping into friends when I'm out and about. ^_^

Loving: Market season • Thunderstorms • Silkscreening • Creating • Skype •  Lazing in the sun • Our patio • Beaches • Feeling the soft grass beneath my feet • Exercise • Inspiring short stories • Gratitude practices  • New experiences •

Interests for the week:
(still) Reading "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman -- haven't had as much time for reading lately.   
✯  Current Anime shows: D.Gray Man, getting back into Full Metal Alchemist, and watched the first episode of Bakemonogatari . 
✯  New True Blood and Dexter episodes, Ray Donovan. Oh and the Chapel Show--because that show is hilarious and appeals to my rude humour. ;)  
Music Playlist: Brand New, Hurt, Red, and Breaking Benjamin, Florence and the Machine, Paramore, Flyleaf. 
Food Faves: Morning Smoothies Getting creative with Zucchinis! Homemade Granola Iced Chai Fresh Blueberries and Raspberries Homemade Kale Chips Humus

Lessons of the week: 
It's Okay not to be Okay. (this is a subject I really want to write about soon, I think it's an important one) Be open and honest--you'll push past problems and reach a better place! Compassion and Respect should always be practiced. Think before you speak. Choose silence and then choose to speak--or write a letter if you can't get your thoughts out clearly. Staying Positive doesn't mean you're happy all the time--it just means you're doing your best and trying!  

Hope you're all having a beautiful wonderful blissful week! Tell me about your lovely weeks! Tell me about your 'Smile Up' and 'this moment!' Pretty please? :)


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  1. May I borrow this idea for my blog?? I think the whole concept is wonderful.

    ♥ C.A.


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