Saturday, July 6, 2013

{life reflections}

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{life reflections}
 Weekly thoughts and rambles. A glimpse into my mind and world. 
These are entries that I might jot down in my Happy Diary; what happens when we put our fingers to the keyboard and allow our thoughts to flow uninhibited. Reflections from the soul. 
Reflections of life.  

I hope to leave you inspired. 
If you want to share your own reflections of the week please leave a link to your "life reflections" entry in the comments for all to find and see.
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I feel as if I've been talking a lot lately about the roller coaster of life; the ups and downs that can feel so extreme and so sporadic, as if the little gentle stream of life has now turned into a gushing tumbling river, plunging under and popping us high high back to the top. Maybe there's something in the air, it just seems like a lot of people I know, and myself included, have been experiencing much higher turbulence than usual. I would also like to think this has something to do with the shift of awakening within so many of us--so many people "waking up." It is a double-sided blessing: when we work on ourselves we allow ourselves to experience and draw out issues and problems that may have been rather deeply buried, therefore things may feel worse before they get better because we need to work through those issues before we can move forwards to the space of walking on rainbows while it sprinkles gumdrops. 
Ah life. It truly truly truly is a beautiful thing, it's just such a shame that we've been conditioned to believe that life is suffering, that life is hard work, that life sucks. Think about how many brain patterns we have formed during our upbringing to make us feel badly about ourselves, to make us feel that life is no fun, to make us believe that materialism and money are the only forms of happiness, to make us believe that our happiness depends on things outside of ourselves, and to make us believe that happiness is a farfetched myth that we could never achieve. 
When things get tough I think it's important to reflect on how far you've come. See, sometimes it may feel as if we haven't changed, as if we haven't gotten any happier in our lives, but this is when it's good to look back at where you were when you started. For me, I used to cut, I had plenty of suicidal thoughts, and being sad was just a daily part of my life. If I look at my life now, even when I have bad days, or moments of frustration where I don't feel as if I've gotten anywhere, it's pretty easy to see that I have. I no longer cut, I am no longer "depressed," I just have moments of relapse and real human emotions. Feeling bad, sad, down, frustrated, and so forth, aren't signs that you haven't gotten anywhere or that you're not, at the core of you, happy, it's just a reminder that we are all still human and we all still feel. Feeling is great, it's just our attachment to not letting go of negative emotions that is a problem. That, and that our minds tend to over-think things and create problems that aren't even there. We are all human, we are allowed to feel, we should feel. Ups and downs are a part of life, our holding onto the ups and downs are the part that we need to adjust so that the flow of life is much smoother and enjoyable. Let emotions flow and then let them go
Whenever in doubt, just think about how far you've come. Remind yourself that you're human and that life will always have ups and downs. Learn to enjoy the ride. Make the most of every situation and of ever circumstance or opportunity. Try to think positive, try to work on yourself. And don't beat yourself up along the way. Just do your best! And remember to smile. ;) 
I want to talk about two things this week in greater depths: the emotional guidance system; and first steps to working through depression. Two topics that I've been thinking a lot about lately that I have a lot I'd like to say and share. 
Our life experiences are gifts that we can share with others and that goodness has the domino effect of spreading to others. It's truly a wonderful thing. If you've learned something about life that makes things easier than share it with friends and family or a stranger. Spread the goodness because if it works for them then they too will pass on that knowledge to those around them. If people don't take your advice then at least you tried, no harm done. 
Keep smiling, trying, and loving life. And remember; JUST DO YOUR BEST! 
^_^ Much Love! 


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  1. I really needed to read this; I've been really down about stuff lately but I have come a long way from where I used to be. I, like you, used to be suicidal and I used to self-harm and I used to feel really unhappy and trapped in life. While I'm nowhere near where I want to be, I'm closer than I was back then. <3

    1. it's a hard struggle sometimes, but it is always a good reminder :) every day brings you a step closer to that amazing place :) xo


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