Monday, June 27, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays!☺

 Let's make the week fabulous shall we? Embrace life and make it amazing and full of new experiences, lessons, and lots of laughter and smiles!!! :)  

☺ Think Before you Speak... Sometimes it's just too easy to speak our minds and say things that perhaps we shouldn't. This past week I have been on the receiving end and delivering as well. It's counter-productive and usually ends up with someone being emotionally hurt. Be the bigger person and don't get into silly arguments and engage negative habits. Think and choose your words wisely.      
☺ Allow yourself to be Uninhibited! Try stepping out of that oh-so-cozy and safe comfort zone and let yourself jump on opportunities, try new things, talk to new people, and Be who you want to be and act the way you want to act.
 Find a new use for recycling and garbage! You could be pleasantly surprised by what uses you can find for things that automatically get discarded. While recycling is fantastic, it's even more fantastic to recycle it into something new yourself! Get creative and perhaps crafty! ;)  
 Eat local Produce! Start paying attention to where your produce comes from and start eating closer to home. Things are coming back in season and that means checking out local markets and supporting local growers! Plus the benefits of eating local fruits and veggies far outweigh anything else! 
☺ Make a "Happy Food Plan"... and stick it blatantly in your kitchen as a constant reminder. Get into better eating habits this week, cut out all those foods that you've been meaning to. Be healthy!! 
 Enjoy the Weather... No matter what it's doing out there! We've had lots or rain and crazy storms so far this spring and summer, but instead of whining about it, I'm enjoying cozy inside days, dancing in the rain, and listening to the rumbling thunder above. When the sun does come out you'll appreciate it that much more too! Bask in its warmth and take in every second of that vitamin D! 
 Have a campfire! We had our first one this summer last week and it was epic! Lots of fun and laughter sitting around beautiful flames under a star-dusted sky.      

Now make the most of it! :)   


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  1. As always a ton of inspiration! I really like the idea of making the healthy eating plan!

  2. :)
    I've slipped too many times lately with my own eating habits, even though I still eat ridiculously well haha so I figured this was a good idea and wanted to share :)


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