Saturday, June 25, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Weekly "Smile Up"!☺

I'm trying something new and would like to make this a regular feature on the blog. I figure I already have a fun way to start off Mondays with the "get-pumped" attitude of the Motivational Mondays posts and wanted to do something for the end of the week as well as a reminder to be Positive. Basically, this is  a little happy/positive/optimistic "catch up," or as I like to call it "Smile Up," for the week; to reflect on the beauty of life, express gratitude for the week's experiences, and share some of the week's interests (music, food, movies, or anything else). A look on the positive and to repeat that PMA. Of course, this is also an encouragement for you all to be going the same, whether you want to share right here on the blog, maybe on your own blog (share your link in the comments! ^_^), or as an entry for your "Happy Diary," remember to always express gratitude for life and remind yourself of how beautiful life is. Be positive!! 

What do you guys think? Do you want this as a regular weekly feature? Let's hear your feedback! :)

Well, here it goes...

June 25th Weekly "Smile Up":

My week has been fabulous, full of new experiences, amazing people, and fun adventures. And of course, lessons to be taken and applied for life. :)

 I took two days off work (which is very rare for me) to enjoy the sunshine (that finally came after so much rain we've been having!) and to be outside. 
 The hubby and I tended to our little garden to discover it thriving ! Got to eat fresh kale and radishes picked seconds from the garden. There is nothing more amazing than freshly picked veggies and fruit!! 
 Had our first campfire gathering at a beautiful lake with some super rad people. And discovered Vegan marshmallows!!! And, of course, enjoyed tons of laughter and a star-lit sky. :)
 Loving all the local Markets!! Getting to check out local talent and vendors, and meeting some cool new people. I also treated myself to a beautiful pair of earrings :). 
 Played in the rain at the first Friday night "Market Fest" here in Nelson, lots of music, amazing vendors, and amazing atmosphere of people. 
 Despite having lots of rain and crazy weather, been taking advantage by dancing in the downpours :). 
 Finally had time to sew lots of new items for the Alter-Eco summer collection. 
 Had drama but stuck up for myself and still bouncing back and positive. :) Also always learning from these experiences and therefor expressing gratitude for them.  
 Hung out with family, which is always good times. 

Loving: Sunshine. Care2 newsletters and petition site. Dread Beads. Wearing tank tops and shorts again. Sandal Boots. Pouch Belts. Kitty meows. Markets. Local produce. Writing outside. New friends. Dancing. Laughter. Life.

Interests for the week:
✯ Bought a new book "The Secret" which I've been dying to read. Checked the local bookstore where it was $30.00 for a hardcover, decided to check the secondhand bookstore instead and found the same hardcover copy that looks like it's never even been touched for $10.00. Score!! 
✯ Got through the first season of "True Blood." Loving cozy lazy nights with my hubby. And we're totally hooked on this show now. Yayy for raunchy vampire flicks! ;)
Music Playlist: new In Flames album and new Sixx AM album. Matisyahu "Light." And discovered the band The Black Keys, totally dig it!
✯ Food Faves: Strawberries back in season!--fresh and topped with my Peanut Butter Cocoa Soygurt recipe Juicing everyday with our new Green Life Juicer Making Juice Pulp Burgers and muffins. 

Lessons of the week: 
☀ Never underestimate the power of Positive Affirmations--it still blows my mind how incredible it is when these things come to be.  
☀ Stick up for yourself. But learn not to encourage other's need for confrontation. Always smile, laugh, and stay Positive no matter what!
Life is what you make it, always always always you can chose Happiness. 
Love the life you live. Make it epic! 

Why has your week been spectacular?  


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  1. This surely is a great idea! A way to look back and focus on the positive and to learn lessons from whatever negative things there has been.

  2. I really would like to read The Secret, perhaps I'll put it on my list for my next read!


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