Thursday, June 30, 2011

♥ Meet the furry members of my family!!! ♥

On Tuesday we adopted our second kitty, Buster, and I wanted to share him with you all. Then I realized that I'd never formally shared my first kitty, Lyla, with you and decided that it would be unfair to dedicate a post just for Buster. I love them both immensely so, here I am sharing them with you :). 
Pets are not possessions, they are members of your family--furry ones. They deserve to be treated with love and care and attention. They have emotions, they speak with their cute individualized sounding meows (and barks or any other noise your pet may have) and are more than just "pets."  

Lyla is our first baby. She's an adorable female short-haired tabby with beautiful markings, likely has some bengal mix. Her fur is the softest I've ever felt!! 
We got her when she was 8-weeks old from my husband's cousin, her 1-year birthday is coming right up at the beginning of July. :) Looking back, I wish I had adopted, however I love Lyla to death and can't imagine my life without her. We'd just moved back to Nelson and the timing was perfect. She was the rut of the litter, swatting her brothers and sisters as they passed by. We simply couldn't resist taking her home with us. 
She can be quite shy, and likes to keep to herself, although she has slowly gotten more cuddly and sometimes sleeps on our laps when watching movies. She is also very needy (which I love!) and follows us around the apartment wherever we go, greets us eagerly at the door, always sleeps on our feet. She makes up for not being the cuddliest kitty with her amazing fully-packed spunky little personality. She has "tornado modes" where she loves to run around the apartment making little ferret noises. She is super sweet and the prettiest kitty I've ever seen!

Buster is a super cute (and handsome) male long-haired black and white kitty. He has white on his face, belly, and his little paws. He has adorable little mismatched features, including pink spots on his nose, and a black spot under his white bearded chin.
We've only had Buster for three days today. We picked him up at one of the animal shelters here in Nelson, immediately falling in love with him when I first saw him. He's only six months old but has had a rough little life. He's a stray, found at a lumber yard and has had lots of rectal problems which resulted in two months of staying at the animal hospital and surgery. The animal hospital was amazing and performed all the surgeries and care for free, saving his little life! He was moved to the animal shelter about a month ago and has been doing really well--his poops have been looking normal now for a month as well. 
He is ridiculously cuddly, affectionate and sweet and we are too happy to give him a loving home. All he wants to do is cuddle, and sleep on our necks, faces, laps, anywhere close to us. He also likes to hang off things to the point of sliding or falling off. He is a little spitfire, has lots of personality and so far loves to chase Lyla around our place--she's slowly warming up to him and playing back. 

Both our kitties are gifts in my life and I am grateful for their companionship and love. I'm hoping the two of them get to be really close and cuddly together... but we'll have to wait and see. Lyla has been weary of him in her home but now that she's warming up to him I think they will be friends in no time. :) 
I'd also like to remind everyone to always adopt, spay or neuter your pet, and be responsible pet-owners! There are so many animals in need of homes, they deserve that chance at a loving home. 


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  1. Your two babies are really gorgeous! Pets are really just another family member!

  2. Such cuties! And never feel guilty for having gotten Lyla from family instead of adopting- whether stray or bred, once an animal's here on this Earth, it still needs a loving home :)

  3. its true, I just dont want to encourage others to keep breeding :P but I love Lyla and I dont live with regrets haha. :) I am so happy that we adopted Buster though, he really needed a good loving home :)


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