Monday, June 13, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays!☺

Omg it's Monday!!!!!! Whooooohoooooo!!! :D Let's make the week exciting shall we? ;) Here are this week's Motivational Monday tips to help you bring more joy into your week:

 Learn when to rest and when to work...  and when to play of course! ;) We don't listen to our body-mind wisdom often enough so start paying attention. If you're a woman, learn to be respectful of what phase of your cycle you are in too--you're not actually crazy, your body is just acting by instinct. ;)      
 Make Your Bucket List! My mom and I were talking about this today and it reminded me of how awesome they are. Of course, never look at your list with complaint, the point is to have it in your mind, and written down so you can look back at it. It's fun when you do get to cross things off your list and can keep goals in mind to work towards too.   
 Take Initiative! And make that call to hang out with someone, whether it's a new friend, new love-interest, family member, or anyone at all. Most people enjoy being social and seeing people so let go of the hesitating moment to make the first step. 
 Change your normal travel route... whether it's a trip to the grocery store, a walk downtown, a stroll in the park, take a different route than usual, explore and little and discover the back routes you don't normally venture along.   
 Stop Complaining... and spending so much time focussing on the negative. Is that negative facebook status really going to improve your mood? Playing the sympathy card isn't all it's cracked up to be. Try focussing on the Positive instead, talk about the amazing happy things that you're grateful for in your life instead. ;) 
 Give something up for the week... Whether it's meat, dairy, video games, makeup, cigarettes, coffee, anything at all, try giving up something for the week that you think you need (but don't!). Who knows, this may be the beginning of kicking some bad habits. ;) 
 Show and Share Kindness! There is not enough good going around in the world these days--not to say that there isn't LOTS of good also going on ;)--but you can never have enough kindness. Be kind to others, share the love, be nice to people, even the douchebag at work or in the grocery line. Showing kindness brings kindness back and all that negativity never gets anyone anywhere anyway remember. ;)     

Now get out there and seize the day! And week! ;)
Happy Monday!!!! :) 

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  1. I actually did many of these tips today before even reading your lovely blog :)

  2. thats awesome! good for you! ;D xo

  3. I love how your blog reminds us of the many small things that amount to a great load of happiness! Keep them coming!

  4. :)
    It makes me happy that I can spread happiness on to others :) Hope you're having a fantastic day! xo


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