Friday, June 17, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Don't Make Excuses for Your Behaviour☺

Excuses are excuses no matter how you look at it. You always have the choice of how you are going to behave--that is; you get to Choose every moment how you are going to act. 

We all have histories, incidences, experiences, tribulations, and events that helped shape who we are, our personalities, our actions, behaviours, thought-processes, morals, and beliefs. But all of these things change as we change--as we grow and evolve--and we always get a choice in how we want to be. To say that you are pre-dispositioned to act a certain way in any given situation is not giving yourself any credit at all. To say that your behaviour is a result of "this" or "that" or that you are acting negatively because something happened in your past simply illustrates your unwillingness to accept responsibility for your self or your life. Blaming the past also means that you are unwilling to live in the present. Whatever the past was, it's passed. You get to choose in the present. You get to choose your actions, reactions, attitudes, and behaviours in this moment. You choose, not your past. You have an intelligent mind, you have a will to do things, You are the one deciding your actions, not your past, or anything else for that matter. Passing the blame is irresponsible and self-defeating.

Excuses are excuses no matter what way you look at it and no matter how hard you may try to convince yourself and others otherwise, it doesn't change the matter. Accept responsibility over your own behaviour and that you get to choose every moment Who you Are and how you are going to act. Take the credit and responsibility for your self and your life instead of allowing yourself to be self-defeated and not in control of your own being. Blaming other people, your past, an addiction, anything outside of yourself is just an excuse, an outlet from accepting responsibility. Stop looking outside of yourself for answers and blame. It is within you, looking inward where you will find responsibility, action, and control. And when you accept that control then you can fully choose your behaviour and actions. You decide. 


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  1. A great lesson, and one we all should be remind of more often!

  2. Wonderfully written! We all need reminding sometimes.. I know I do, sometimes bad memories sneak in and make me want to act like a massive asshole! But I don't of course... well, maybe for a minute until I catch myself and stopit!

  3. haha, well it's good that you catch yourself, I think that's the important part because that's you choosing to control your behaviour and acknowledging that you dont have to act a certain way because of this or that.


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