Friday, June 15, 2012

♥ First Downtown Market ♥

Market season has begun! I have a drop-in spot at the downtown market this year here in Nelson B.C. which I am super excited about. The first one was on Wednesday (the 13th) which I got to take part in. I have to admit I am a terrible last-minute kind of person. No matter how many times I tell myself I'll be ready far before a due date, I'm always scrambling in the moments leading up to it. So this week was filled with scrambling, especially the day before and couple days prior. I didn't have any of my display figured out for my jewelry, cards, magnets, etc--only my lovely bamboo clothing racks I used last year was ready. I didn't even have a fold-up table--oops! So I ran around town and everything eventually came together. The husband went with me thrift-store shopping in attempt to find something creative for display items. We ended up finding this awesome wooden case that was meant for cutlery, mint condition and positively perfect! I absolutely love it and so glad my display is unique and second-hand instead of buying some cheap plastic necklace displays or something. You know me, picky eco geek over here. Anyway, I managed to gather other bits and pieces and it all turned out nicely. I still need to find a better display for my faux-feather earrings and hairpieces but I was more focussed on the rest this week. 

Moving on to the day of the market… I was nervous all week because the weather was consistently saying rain and even possible thundershowers. The night before it still said the same thing, so I mustered up all my manifesting and positive energy and thanked the Universe for having a magnificent successful perfect fun outcome to the market day. I actually dreamt of different scenarios of how it would turn out with the weather, all different dreams of rain or sunshine. Bizarre. When I woke up in the morning it wasn't raining and that was going to be my decision maker. It was clouded to be sure, possibility of rain, maybe, but I felt good so I was going for it. I picked up my lovely friend Andrea who helped me out at the market and sold some of her adorable sugar skulls--next time she'll have more and finished painted ones, which I am excited for and I think people will absolutely love! :) She was so much fun to spend the day with, she has a beautiful magnetic energy about her that I love. 

And as it turned out, we actually got bits of sunshine. We got a few bits of rain as well, but it waited to pour until we were loading up the car. A lovely day to be sure, which makes me super happy for not backing out. People loved my items too, it was so much to see all the different reactions, laughing, and aww-ing at my prints. 

I have to say, I definitely more "together" this year as well. Last year was fun but doing Alter-Eco Clothing at markets was always messy, one of a kind pieces just don't work that well in my opinion. People are lazy by nature and it's too overwhelming. Plus, ReLove drew in ALL types of people, it was really quite fantastic. Sales were made even though it was a slower day, and I had a ton of people asking if I'd be there every week, taking business cards, and wanting to return at some point this summer with their daughters or to get gifts for others. Overall, a fun day and a success. Yayy for markets! 


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  1. looks amazing! i'll have to come bi and see you some day soon <3

  2. Did you make those "skulls"? And how much were you selling them for? And can I purchase those online at your site? They look like the "skulls" used for "Day of Dead" celebrations.

    1. you should probably read the post ;)
      my friend Andrea made them, she doesn't sell online but if there's one you want I could probably ask her if she'd want to mail it. Only thing is shipping might be kinda pricey as they are heavier.

    2. Okay. Never mind.

  3. Day of the Dead. Is what I meant to say.


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