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☺ The Balance to a Truly Healthy Happy Life ☺

Along the path to happiness, and manifesting (using the Law of Attraction) we often stumble and find it hard to maintain that positive level all the time. But there are some key points that many of us forget about, and that is that for happiness to truly flow freely and easily then you have to Feel Good. While choosing to be happy is indeed a choice that you do need to make in order to actually be happy, there are many things that will help your happy journey. Remember that everything in life is connected, and so if you want a truly happy life then everything within that life requires balance and love and attention. The key aspects of our lives that we should check on are our state of mind, our health (including diet and exercise), and general all-around balance in our active lives. 

Choose It!
Happiness is in your head, and it is certainly the biggest step you need to take to change your life. You always have a choice and that will be the key to unlocking all other aspects of your life. 
I'm not going to focus too much on this topic in this particular article because I have so many others that go into more in-depth details into tricks and ways to make your life happy and finding that within yourself. So go and explore my "Inspirational" posts for more tips there. ;)

Eat Well!
You have a choice to be happy and you have a choice to be healthy, but we often pay attention to one and forget the other yet they are both so closely connected. Being happy all the time is much harder when you are eating crappy foods. Remember a happy body is a happy mind. Food is fuel for your body and if you are giving your body junk food that it can't get proper energy or nutrients from then you are living your life running on empty all the time. And that is not a happy body. Your body and your brain cannot properly (or happily) function on junk food. If you are starving your body of what it needs then you are also starving your brain of what it needs. When you make healthy food choices then your body will feel wonderful, nourished, energetic, and alive! So how do you suppose your brain responds? It will also feel wonderful, nourished, energetic and alive! So many of our health problems today are a combination of too much stress and a poor diet. Making simple healthy changes can clear your mind and make you feel new again. If you want to be happy--which I assume you do--stop kidding yourself and get healthy! It's simple as that! 
Remember that everyone's body is different, especially when it comes to food. Allergy tests are a great idea, but they are not always completely accurate as well. My suggestion is to cut out junk food, cut out common allergens (wheat & dairy), and seriously cut back on (or eliminate completely) sugar and refined foods. Some people can't tolerate grains well, others can't tolerate beans or starch well. Cut out the common problem areas and then slowly reintroduce them to see your body's reaction. If you don't think food affects you at all, please stop denying it, food affects everyone, we just aren't often very in-tune with our body's reactions and needs. If this sounds like a lot of work, take it one step at a time. Just remember that if you want to be happy then this really isn't as hard as you think.  

Being healthy also means being active. Exercise can do wonders for depression and your energy levels. All the amazing health benefits of exercise (read about them here!) will transform your life onto another level of bliss. Happy will flow much easier because you are giving your body more of what it needs--health! 

People & Surroundings!
Health is great, but what about your surroundings? What about the people you interact with on a regular basis? People can be just as toxic as food, negativity can completely overwhelm our minds and good energy. Bad vibes are bad vibes. If someone is negative all the time then chances are they are going to rub off on you. Don't put yourself through that. I'm not talking about people who need to do a little venting, most of us are guilty for needing a little venting, I'm talking about the people that literally have nothing good to say ever and complain constantly. Being in that person's negative cloud regularly is damaging to your own mental health and can drain you dry and leave you feeling just plain blah. People certainly can change, but there is no reason to primarily surround yourself with those types of people. If you have those negative people in your life but you don't want to end the relationship then make sure you have plenty of super positive people in your life to make up for it and try only to see the negative people on an occasional basis. Place yourself in a positive environment and surround yourself with positive people! It really helps--and it helps when dealing with those negative people as well.

Maybe you've got all those topics covered, in which case good for you! But maybe happiness still isn't coming so easily. So how's the balance in your day to day life? Are you a workaholic? Do you have an active social life? Too much social life? Do you take time for yourself? Time for reflection and self work? We live in a very busy society that teaches us to be on the go all the time, but if we are always on the go then our minds can't keep up. Work should not be your whole life. Making money to buy things you don't need shouldn't be your life. Your life should contain the perfect balance for your time. Make time for work, for play, for people and social interaction, and for down-time (meaning You time). Every day you should also take time for self-reflection and positive affirmations to keep you on track. Balance is key.  

Unresolved Problems!
The last major issue that might be getting in your way to unreasonable happiness is any unresolved issues. It is hard to be happy when you have something nagging at your subconscious all the time with issues that have not yet been dealt with. Don't carry around extra baggage when you don't need to. When stress arises, deal with it. When problems arise, solve them. Work through things! And don't kid yourself, if you need help then get it! We are not meant to go through this world alone, so seek out others who can help you. 

Again I will say that balance is everything. Your body being in harmony and healthy is everything. If you are struggling to find happiness then be sure to check what it is you are eating, how active you are, if there are unresolved issues, and how your day to day life is. 
Happiness is within everyone's grasp, so long as we are attentive and kind to our individual needs.


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