Thursday, October 11, 2012

☺ Are You Happy? ☺

Are you Happy? The dreaded question. The ignored question. The question swept under the waves of life. Most people will respond "yes" without giving it much thought. But…  
Are YOU Happy?
We should all be able to say yes, but most of us, when being completely honest with ourselves, sadly can't. 
I'm not talking about a happy moment. We all have happy moments. A smile, a laugh, a fond memory, or moment with friends. But when the dust settles and you are sitting there by yourself, Are You Happy? Do you feel that inner bliss inside of you that is indescribable? Do you have that feeling of overwhelming joy, of peace of mind, of calm, and of Knowing, not just guessing, that you are indeed Happy? 
Unreasonable Happiness is what I am talking about, the happiness that is always there inside, even when life gets rough and jolts you around. That happiness you can return to after the storm. That happiness that you Feel and Know. That Happiness that makes you smile out of nowhere because you feel so appreciative of life and joy.  
Can you go out without drinking and still have a good time? Can you sit still in silence and still enjoy yourself? Can you do simple tasks and still enjoy those? Running around from one thing to the next is not happiness, it's one of many distractions. Being unable to sit still is that restlessness inside of you that doesn't know what to do with yourself because you haven't found that peace, that unreasonable happiness, and so you are constantly seeking it out--whether this is at a subconscious or conscious level.  
You've probably heard it before; you can't chase happiness. Happiness just Is. It's not something you find in other things or people. It's not something you can chase after. It's not something you can achieve through life goals and future plans. It's not something you place into the future as something you'll feel "some day." Happiness Is. Happiness is Now. And Happiness is something that you must feel, because it is already within you, at all times, you just have to choose to draw it out. 
When people begin "spiritual" journeys, of enlightenment and self-discovery, of bettering themselves and their lives, then they are on the road to unreasonable Happiness. And that is the Meaning of Life-- to Be Happy. On this self-journey, people will begin to feel the highs and lows, often quite extreme because in the process of burying happiness somewhere inside of you, you have also buried any number of other problems. They are all shut out. Once you try to draw out happiness you can't draw it out without also drawing out those buried problems. Those buried problems are one of the blockers to unreasonable happiness, so you must work through them. Don't get part way and say you're alright because you are starting to feel happy more frequently--work through those problems! Make Bliss your Life. Make Happiness your Life, not just a passing moment. 
If you want to live your life with scattered happy moments, then continue doing what you're doing. If you want your life and yourself to be Unreasonably Happy all the time, then learn to feel it, to draw it out, and to not go chasing it in other places, people, or things. Choose to Be it, choose to work on yourself, choose to embrace life instead of shying away. 

The point of this post is not to make you feel discouraged or uneasy about your life. If that is the way you do feel after reading this then it's because you're being honest with yourself and realizing your life isn't everything you wanted it to be. But remember that You are the source of your Happiness, the fountain of joy and bliss is from You, not from material items or gains. If you want to be happy, live simpler, free your mind, and spend time on yourself every single day. Focus on the positive, smile as much as possible, and work on yourself every single day. Spend time on joy, surround yourself with good things, and spend time on yourself every single day. ;) Happiness will flow naturally and easily the more you work on yourself. There is always room for improvement and there is always room for more joy. 
So… Are You Happy? 


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