Thursday, March 1, 2012

☺ Being You in times of Stress ☺

When things get stressful or challenging, it is probably the hardest times in our lives to actually Be our Selves. That is often because it becomes more difficult to be positive and happy in times of stress and ordeals. But it is important to stay true to yourself no matter what is going on in your life, to be the person you Are and Want to Be, even when stressful situations arise. Don't compromise Who You Are in times of stress. Really, what today's lesson comes down to is this: You're Allowed to feel happiness even when times are tough. In fact, I encourage it! 
Too often we feel that we shouldn't feel happiness or positivity during tumultuous times so we allow ourselves to become mopey and lost and not act ourselves or be the person that we want to be. We go back to bad habits of focussing on the negative instead of continuing on our happy paths. But this path helps no one, not yourself or those around you. 
Somehow we feel as if it is somehow inappropriate to smile or to feel happy when things in life are difficult. We tend to feel this way especially when the ordeal is not our own and we are trying to support a friend or family member. But this kind of negative switch in your attitude does them no good and certainly does yourself no good. Being sympathetic is one thing, but when we take that sympathy to the point of only feeling the misery that another feels or the negativity of a situation strongly on our shoulders then the spiral effect occurs and does us damage instead of good. It does not help to be mopey and sad. What helps is to be optimistic and hopeful. It is not inappropriate to smile or to try to make another smile. Weeping in loathing is a terrible place to stay and only continues the bad feelings and prolongs the ordeal. No matter how bad things are, there is always a turn-around, always a higher point arising, so don't get stuck in the bad when the good can be so close and tangible. We choose our lives, we choose our attitudes, we choose what paths we want to walk. So choose to be positive and optimistic instead of being a downer. I'm not saying that you can't feel sad; on the contrary, I encourage you to feel your emotions no matter what they may be, but the key is releasing them instead of holding onto a bad feeling. Playing on down emotions is not appropriate and it is not helpful. If you want to be helpful to another, be optimistic, don't add on to their own misery. If you want to help yourself, realize that you are allowed to smile and bounce back and still enjoy life. 
It is important to not get lost in the ordeal and to say true to Who you Are. Being strong and optimistic during challenging times is far more productive and helpful. Keeping a smile on your face is important. Remember Who You Are and Who You Want to Be and continue to be that person. Allow yourself to remain happy and positive instead of a pessimistic mess. Remember that more can be accomplished in life through a Positive Mental Attitude, and by not allowing ourselves to get lost into negative stresses and despairs. Negativities generally get us no where. 
So Be You, always and no matter what. No matter what is going on with you or your life, Be You. Because You have power over your life, attitude, and decisions. Focus on the positive and you'll progress much faster and with much more ease through any situation. Those problems will become much more manageable and tolerable when you remain yourself. 
Don't compromise who you are. It is one of life's greatest challenges to be your true self without compromise to what's going on around you. Life will always have ups and downs, so don't falter and become the opposite of your happy self when things get tough--or else you'll spend most of your life not Being You. And that is a waste of a perfectly lovely life. 

"There may be difficulties at the moment, but I will not lost the Virtue that I possess. It is when the ice and snow are on them that we see the strength of the cypress and the pine. I am grateful for this trouble around m, because it gives me an opportunity to realize how fortunate I am." ~Te of Piglet. 


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  1. So very true, and so very helpful! Smile always through life! Thank you for always sharing good advice, Bianca!


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