Thursday, March 15, 2012

☺ Filling your Life with Unicorns! ☺

What we're really doing here is getting back to the basics of a four-year-old mindset. Why? Because the beauty of a child is the simple-mindedness, the light-heartedness, gratitude, easy fascination, eagerness, and endless perseverance. And everything in our lives should be as exciting as a room full of Unicorns. 
We should keep our room (our lives) full of Unicorns (Positive, feel-good things-- Happiness!!!) at all times. Because that is all that really matters; the fun Happy things. We should appreciate and be grateful for all the Unicorns in all their various forms; some like to fly, some like to prance around; some are a bit prickly around the edges, others are fluffy and colourful; some are grumpy, others happy… you get the idea ;). These Unicorns represent all the things in our lives around us that could be Positive--even if their outward appearance may sometimes be unfamiliar or intimidating-- and all the opportunities and things that we could be using to enrich our lives and make them a happier place. Such as a room full of Unicorns and rainbows. ;) 
The other problem that we have as adults is that we often fail to see the Unicorns. Our lives are often filled with Unicorns, boundless prancing magical things, but we fail to notice this. Well, let me tell you, a four-year-old would Not miss a room full of Unicorns, and neither should you! The second problem is that sometimes we see the Unicorns but don't do anything with them. We don't Use the Unicorns to our benefit, even when it is right in front of us. Well, again, a child would not just sit there facing a fluffy pink Unicorn and do nothing. By god, that child would run full force and wrap their little arms around that magical creature and give it a great big hug! That child would play all day with that Unicorn and love every second of it. So why don't we? Yes, sometimes new things (especially if it's a new looking Unicorn, maybe it's green instead of it's usual pink or white hue) can be intimidating. We aren't certain how to approach it, if it might nibble our fingers, if it's friendly, or what it has to offer. But we'll never know until we just go for it, uninhibited and eager. So be thankful for the Unicorns around us, use them when you see them, and enjoy every second. 

If you're not keeping up with my outrageous metaphors, yes, I'm still talking about life. ;) Life has many opportunities right in front of our eyes but we don't take the leap and risk of just going for it. So the next time you are faced with an opportunity or thing that could be used to your benefit but feel intimidated, doubtful, or uncertain… picture a fluffy pink Unicorn (or whatever your favourite Unicorn might be) and think of yourself as an eager child grateful for that fluffy Unicorn.  

Really, the Unicorn symbolizes so much more than I can put into words. It's the magic in our lives. It's the childish fascination with the world. It's the joys and the smiles. It's the opportunities and gains. It's excitement and adventure. It's the part of us we leave behind. It's the part of us that we get to rediscover to enrich our lives. 
So choose to have, to see, and to be grateful for all the Unicorns in your life. Always. And keep your life full of Unicorns!


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