Thursday, March 22, 2012

☺ Happiness is Good for My Health ☺

"The organs weep the tears the eyes refuse to shed." 

Burying emotions instead of letting them out, choosing not to speak up openly and honestly when something is on your mind, leaving issues unresolved… we have many ways in which we allow stress to build up in our lives and these are just a few common examples. We often underestimate the power of stress as a very damaging factor in our lives. But when we allow stress to build, when we stop paying attention to our needs and sanity, it eventually hits a breaking point. 
Most of the physical symptoms we experience in our lives--like infections, aches, and pains--are merely symptoms of the emotions and problems we are storing up in our bodies.  Our bodies quite literally let out what our emotions refuse to in the form of sickness, trying to inform us we need to change things around and not allow more stress to build, or that we need to deal with unresolved issues. Just about any (if not all) human illnesses, sicknesses and problems are a direct result of this built up stress stored within us for an extended period of time. This stress comes from our lack of willingness to listen and to feel what we need to. Too often we just dismiss these signals, try to put a blanket over it with medicine, and do not acknowledge its source. 
"Unexpressed emotion is stored in the muscles of the body" ~Wilhelm Reich. 

Figure out what it is that is causing you stress in your life, the things about your life you are unhappy with, acknowledge them and then focus your energy and thoughts on the opposite outcome--the things that you Do want. Keep in mind how the Law of Attraction works and how to bring more positive things into your life by focussing on what you want instead of what you don't want. The more you dwell on not having certain things, the longer you will continue to not have those things. But absolutely work through the things that are causing you stress and figure out ways that those stresses will… well, no longer stress you out. 
Let yourself feel the ups and downs of life, of your raw emotions. Don't inhibit your emotions, don't resist life, let them flow freely as they should. When you suppress these things is when your body will start trying to scream at you again to work through emotions instead of building more stresses.  

The good news is that your health can be controlled by your choice to be Happy. Happiness truly is good for your health--it is the single best thing for your health! You can pop pills, take prescribed medication (which usually does more harm than good), even take medicinal herbs and remedies, eat well and exercise, but unless you do something about that stress then you could still end up being sick or experience those physical discomforts in your body. This will range depending on how much stress you have built up in your body and how long you've been stressed out for. But the good news is that you can choose to be in control of your stresses, just as you control your happiness, and therefor your health. You can always turn it around and heal yourself and your life simply by being Happy. Everything comes full circle, remember the inter-connectedness of the systems in our bodies. Choosing to properly take care of your mental self will heal, or maintain, your physical body's health. 
Choosing to be Happy is good for your health!! 
...Just in case you didn't get that. It is the single most important thing you need to remember to be physically healthy and keep that body working efficiently and happily. And choosing to be happy means taking the right steps to doing so. It means feeling your emotions and allowing those emotions to flow freely. It means taking appropriate action to resolve problems and conflicts, even if it may not always be easy. It means consciously Choosing to smile and to laugh and to do things you enjoy. It means being honest with your self and listening to your heart fully. It means doing what you need to do for your Self in order to maintain balance, serenity, and bliss. It means taking care of your Self instead of putting it on the back burner. 

It starts with a decision to Be Happy, it continues by maintaining a positive attitude and atmosphere in your life, and learning to appropriately cope and deal with the lows and bumps that appear along the road--for there will always be bumps along the road. Our greatest tool in all of this is our ability to Choose for ourselves. Never underestimate the power of your choices and your will to be and act the way you want. 
While I mentioned earlier that exercising regularly and eating well may not make a difference in your health if you're still stressing, they are still huge contributing factors in a healthy happy mind, so therefor will affect how easily you become stressed. Not to contradict myself, I'm promoting a healthy lifestyle, and trying to get across to you the importance of taking proper care of yourself, your Whole self and taking into account that everything within you is connected and important and requires your love and attention. Exercising keeps you physically in shape and provides the brain with oxygen and happy endorphins. Eating well helps to keep your digestive system working smoother, without giving it the stresses of trying to figure out how to digest unhealthy foods that can also negatively affect your brain.
And remember that the right thing for your personal sanity may not always feel like the easiest thing to do, especially when it feels like it may affect other people. But if we exhaust ourselves trying to help others then we have nothing left for ourselves and, again, that comes back full circle. Your own sanity must come first, and it is not selfish to do so. There is no point in allowing stress to build in your own life while trying to appease the life of another. Or you will end up being sick and need of help as well. 
Understand that your Happiness matters! Understand that your happiness is necessary and valid and important. You are Allowed to be Happy. And that you can and have to Choose to be Happy in order to actually Be Happy. 
Take time to take care of yourself. It is the single most important yet neglected key to true continuing happiness and health. Take time to nurture your soul. Take time to pay attention to your emotions, to detect and work through and eliminate stresses rather than sweep them aside. Be assertive in your needs and become comfortable with that assertion--know that it is necessary for your personal sanity. And know that your personal sanity and happiness are both important and necessary for your Self, relationships, health, body, and life. Everything comes full circle and if you are not attentive to your personal needs then those problems will come pouring out into other aspects of your relationships, interactions, health, and life. 

Learn to deal appropriately with stress and deal with former trauma to release your body from unneeded physical discomfort. Ask your stresses what they have come to teach you; surrender and learn from them. 
Make yourself Happy and your body will respond in the same manner.  


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