Thursday, March 29, 2012

☺ Sharing Beliefs without being Pushy ☺

It's sometimes difficult when you have strong moral values or opinions on certain subjects and then are faced with someone who is absolutely ignorant to the topic. Let's face it, there are an awful lot of people in the world that would rather turn a blind eye to the world than open up to the truth. If you are reading my blog then I am going to assume that you probably have lots (or at least a few) pretty strong values of your own, whether it's on animal rights issues, veganism, eco-consciousness, being healthy, finding your higher self, or anything else. So chances are you know what I'm talking about, and even if you don't, chances are you have at least witnessed heated arguments, people getting defensive, or people with pushy points of views. Usually it's just people getting overly passionate in their beliefs but they often come out looking like an asshole. It's sometimes difficult to discuss a topic--even when provoked--and actually get your point across while being pushy. But you also don't want to keep your mouth closed on the topic either. Because it's important to you of course, and a part of you, and you truly Want to share what you know and try to change the world and be a positive influence--or at least get them to open their eyes more on the subject. 
The key is communicating properly. And that means being warm and kind in dialogue on any subject--especially when you are challenging someone else's point of view (even if you know you're right ;)). People don't like to be wrong. They don't like to feel alienated or challenged or angered. And people can be incredibly stubborn with their opinions. It's a sort of self-defensive mechanism. Don't put them on the defensive, engage people in an open and respectful manner. This gives a chance at a friendly conversation, and you are much more likely to get your point across in this way and will make them more open to hearing another point of view. 
There are better ways to share your truth and opinions without reaming someone out because you don't agree with what they're doing or really tickles your nerves. Don't be judgemental or condescending. Just share information in a positive and open manner. You can still be passionate, but stay non-judgemental and try to keep the conversation friendly, engage them so that they are interested. If they don't look at all interested then you may just want to just drop the subject. Perhaps it's not the right time, and trying to share your point of view will only anger them, make them shut down, or perhaps make them hold even tighter onto their stubborn belief. Respect their own boundaries and opinions. You don't have to agree with everyone, in fact you certainly won't, and there is nothing wrong with that. The last thing you want to do is be preachy and condescending. People never respond well to that, and that will only fire up a negative reaction in yourself as well. People do not respond well to negativity. People are much more likely to listen to you and absorb what you have to say if you are kind, light-hearted, and engage them in the conversation.
Sometimes it has nothing to do with the way you are communicating with people as well. You could be talking to someone in the absolute most sweetest and warm-hearted manner possible and they still just might not want to listen to you. Know when to step back and when to engage a topic.

The fact is that most people just don't know, so sharing information, and letting them know what you know, could change their values and points of view altogether. Think about it; how many people know just how cruel the meat industry is? That the veal industry is directly linked to the dairy industry? That dairy isn't actually good for you? That there are chemtrails in the skies above us? That the news and media are not truthful and are used to manipulate and control people? That the medical industry is corrupted by pharmaceuticals? That animal testing is medically inviable? That our diets directly affect our mental health? That you don't need drugs to get better from something? That vaccinations do more harm than good… okay, so I could go on and on, but you get the point. Most of this is not common knowledge. The truth is that most people just haven't thought outside of what the media and society tells them--because they have no good reason not to believe it. So share information and let them slowly warm up to the concept that what they think they know, they might not actually know at all. 
A compassionate approach has a far bigger impact and people are much more open to it. Be respectfully honest and arm yourself with some facts, so that you can respond well to their questions or what they may have to say. There is nothing wrong or preachy about sharing information in a kind conversation. Be sure you are educated on the subject so you can appropriately answer their questions--or point them in the right direction if they do take interest in what you have to say. Be kind and positive! Communicate in a respectful, open, and non judgemental manner. It's the best advice I can give. 


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  1. That`s a great article. How about I share mine?
    If I said what I am about to say, in public, It can get me in lots of

    troubles. I love Yeshua (The Christ) more than anyone else, and I grew up

    in a Muslim family and you can say I've been Agnostic/ Atheist my entire

    life. But I never drink Alcohol / Do drugs, never killed anyone and even

    was a virgin when I got married because I was afraid of God, even though

    I wasn't sure if there is one. I've been reading the Qur'an for over a

    month now and I can tell you it's beautiful, and you need to understand

    that even though there are 2.2 billion Muslims in the world and

    counting... They`re not real Muslims. Most of them are sinners,
    but who am I to judge. Again, I am not saying their religion is fake, nevertheless. It`s got truth
    in it and I believe it and it taught me to love Jesus even

    more. I think most Muslims are primitive, rigid, unfaithful, UN-

    appreciating, mislead-ed, illiterate careless and impulsive. IT IS THEM

    who corrupted the religion, it is THEM who are doing wrong in the name of

    God. It is not god`s will to kill innocent people, it is NOT god`s will

    to cause all the destruction they`re creating. it is them taking things

    out of proportions and creating their own reality justifying their

    actions with verses from the Qur'an that don`t justify what they`re

    doing. That`s why I can`t go to the streets and say I`m a Muslim because

    I believe in the oneness of GOD and I believe in Jesus, and I believe in

    everything and I believe Jesus is the Messiah and the last and greatest

    messenger and prophet of God. I love him from the bottom to the top of my

    heart. But how can I go out there and be a Muslim when most muslims

    aren`t muslims, but self deluded freaks who think they`re holy? There is

    no God but God he has no beginning and no ending, no face or image no

    statue or idols, he lives beyond time, space and the spirit world he`s

    everything and everywhere and he`s our Lord and creator of the universe.

    We can NEVER understand God because we need a beginning and an end to

    each story, and God doesn`t have either one and it`s very hard for us to

    accept it and our minds are made that way so we can go to him based on

    faith and love and he wants the only thing we can give him and he can`t

    take from us, our heart.


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