Monday, April 30, 2012

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

Ah crap! It's Monday. Doesn't that suck? Hmm, well what to do about that?…
How about mope about it for the rest of the day? Complaining would be a good idea. Seeing everything negatively around you sounds marvellous! Frowning followed by more pouting will definitely help. Hmm, what else?... Talking about how much life sucks and what sucky things are going on right now. Yup, that sounds like a good one. Feeling sorry for yourself perhaps? Definitely talk about how much you hate your job, I hear that one is super duper helpful. Getting frustrated and agitated also sounds like it could be fun. Oh wait, don't forget to complain that it's Monday!

We could do all of that or…  

Prepare Yourself…  You never know what the day will hold but if you start off your day by dreading it then chances are you are going to have a tremendously terrible day. When you wake up in the morning, take a moment and arm yourself with positivity. Announce and thank the Universe (or God, or fairies, or whatever you feel like) for a fantastic day and feel as genuinely grateful as possible, as if your day has already ended and you are thanking the Universe for that amazing day you just had. You'll be surprised by what sneaky little wonders may magically pop into your day. 
Choose Happy Motions… I hear that smiling is really helpful. And laughing. Oh yes indeed. You should do both of those as much as possible at all times. Even if people look at you weird, at least you'll be the one having fun. ;) 
Enjoy the Moment! You will never get this moment of your life back ever again, so don't you think it's worth taking a step back and truly appreciating it instead of taking it for granted? 
Count Your Rainbows, Not Your Thunderstorms! Stop complaining, stop complaining, stop complaining! Yes, life isn't always butterflies and rainbows, but do you know why? It's because of your stinky attitude and your choice not to acknowledge all the beauty that exists around you. It's far too automatic for us to complain about the things in our life rather than give thanks and see how truly blessed we are. So I'm going to say it again and again until it starts to stick in your head: give thanks instead of complaining! There is always always always things to be grateful for. Remember all the amazing things currently in your life and talk about those instead. (See "The Power of Gratitude" for more). 
Be the Optimist! Be the one around the swarm of frowns that is smiling. Just because you may be surrounded by unpleasant people or be in a not particularly thrilling situation is no reason not to still be optimistic and smiling. You get a choice. Always. By choosing to be the one that is smiling and laughing and being happy then you will draw more positive people and experiences into your day. It all starts with a choice to smile! 
Cue the Happy Tune! Decide on a fun little hum, phrase, or little song that you can start singing in your head (or out loud) whenever you start to feel the Monday blues creeping upon you. Let it be your reminder to smile. This tune or phrase in itself should invoke a smile, so choose something silly and positive that will automatically swell you up with happiness and cause that smile to return. 
Be extra Silly! Just because! Also because it's fun, will make you smile, will make others smile, and will make your day far more interesting and pleasant. Make boring situations fun by any (positive) means necessary. Get creative, open your mind, choose to have Fun! 

Or you could go back to what I said at the beginning of today's post. The choice is yours. 
Me? I'm going to Create a Nice Day and I hope that you do too!  
p.s. sorry for the sarcasm. ;) 


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  1. I've barely slept two hours today, but I've had an awesome Monday! I had breakfast with my friends after working night shift and we had an awesome morning! And now I'm working on veganizing a recipe for Malibu & Pineapple juice cupcakes! ;)

  2. See! Pili you rock! You know how to make your day fantastic! :) xo

  3. Completely one hundred percent works. Positive attitudes all the way. (Whenever I get cranky customers at work I just smile more and be extra nice to them and almost every time they cheer right up and might even leave laughing!)

  4. that's great to hear! it truly truly works :) plus, I mean, why waste your time feeling negative when feeling positive feels good and spreads on to those around you :)


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