Friday, April 13, 2012

☆ "The Secret Life of Garbage" ☆

Another info graph I felt worth sharing, because this information is valuable and may encourage greater action. 
I am personally very proud to say that we go through a single almost full black garbage bag a year--that's between two people (and two cats). Even so we're working to reduce that to next to nothing. I'm aware it will take some practice but for now I'm still pretty proud that we have reduced our waste by this much. It is absolutely possible for anyone to do so with a little effort and conscious thinking. We make this possible by…

  • Paying attention to packaging and buying things with less or no packaging. 
  • Buying in Bulk and reusing our bulk bags. 
  • Recycling anything and everything that we can. 
  • Composting all our food remains (which, proudly, is usually just veggie and fruit cores and peels). 
  • And not over-consuming in general. 

Created by: Business Degree

How much garbage do you go through? Do you recycle? Have a compost? Please consider making some changes, they are really not much work and can make such a huge difference for the world. 


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  1. Very interesting! I would love to reduce the amount of waste we do too, but I would like to know what are you doing with the used cat litter? Because I have 2 cats too. And what do you use for your compost? I have been hearing many different ways.Thanks!

  2. the kitty litter I had was flushable 100% biodegradable or compostable. So we would flush it. But my kitties are toilet trained now so I don't have to worry about it anymore! hooray!! :)

    We have two compost bins right now. One is a worm bin which are ideal for smaller composts. The other is a large black bin outside and we just make sure we add in leaves and paper etc. as well to keep the compost healthy. We actually just transferred this to our garden, two years worth of compost, exciting stuff haha. :)

  3. thanks! I didn't know it exists (for the litter), and wow for the toilet trained cats! :P I think I will get a worn bin for my compost, thanks again!


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