Thursday, October 6, 2011

☆ Occupy Movement; It's time for Change! ☆

If you haven't yet heard about the massive Occupy Wall Street Movement, don't feel badly, the media isn't covering it at all except to say how awesome our police forces and government are and how awful the protestors are. However, it is something you should know about and get involved with. 
 Because there is a moment that many of us have been waiting for. Finally, people are realizing their strengths, power, and courage against the governmental forces of this world that have kept us under their thumb for years. Let's face it, one way or another, people are dissatisfied with the system. It isn't working. And unless you are either part of the 1% of the population with all the money, or part of the stubborn-as-hell population living contently blinded and distracted, then you are aware that something is so very wrong with our world. From global warming, our stubborn dependency to big oil companies (and the insane amount of money poured into this industry), to human rights, the huge amount of debt most of us have, the fact our generation can't ever afford to buy a house, the cheating of people in the U.S. with mortgages, the disgusting animal abuse, the corporate corruption, the bailouts, the economy crashes, the refusal to go to sustainable energy, the constant raping and pillaging of the planet, the corrupt media system made to make the people feel afraid and helpless, the poisoning of our land, water, and food, the chemtrails in the skies, the manipulation of just about everything and anything, how can you not see that the system is not working? This system is made to benefit that 1% of the population while the other 1% must struggle to get by. We are ants in their eyes. But there is a movement many of us have been hoping for, thinking about, talking about, and yearning for, and it is finally here. 

“The 99 percent movement is about bringing everybody together who is dissatisfied with a society that has run away from itself.”

This began with the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which began on September 17th and is still on-going. Thousands have come together to march on Wall Street. Hundreds have been arrested and faced the violence and brutality of the police forces that continue to try and bully and intimidate the people on some inane power trip. These people are Peacefully protesting, something we have a right to do, something that needs to be done. We have a voice that needs to be heard. And no amount of violent intimidation will stop this movement from happening. 
The one thing I find astounding is how easily the government and media can shift the blame from the police to the peaceful protestors. Oh, yeah, watch out for all those peaceful protestors exercising their right to freedom. Oh yeah, they're the problem all right, not the police forces who are meeting them with unnecessary brutality. Seriously? Open your eyes if you are truly falling for this jargon. 

It is time for the 99% to take a stand. And what started on Wall Street in New York City is gaining momentum all over the globe! Occupy events are popping up everywhere! People are getting organized! People are standing up! It is time for the 99% to be heard. For change to happen. We are living in a very fortunate time in our lives where we will be fortunate to see some amazing positive changes occur for the better of the people and the planet. 

Stand up! 
Check out this website for an Occupy event near you!
And if there isn't one, then organize one! There is one started in my small town of Nelson B.C. up in Canada, so why not where you live too? 
Be part of the movement. 
Be part of the Re-Love-ution! 
This is a global movement! We are the 99%! 

Check out the Occupy Wall Street's first Official Declaration here:
Check out the 99% and add your photo here:
Show some support and add your voice here: 

Peace & Love,


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