Monday, October 24, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays! ☺

Back to Basics...

Alrighty, I'm hoping you're all still pumped after an epic weekend, and after taking the advice of last week's Motivation Monday post. I made it extra special, so if you didn't see it for whatever reason last week it's worth a second look. And hopefully there are still smiles on your faces after having watched the youtube video I made to cheer you all up as well. What can I say? I do try to make you all smile, and by the sounds of it I am successful at it. If not… stop taking life so seriously! Mwuah! 

Anyways, this Monday I am doing something a little different yet again, trying to add a little extra spunk to these posts to keep you all entertained and happy. ;)

This week's Motivational Monday post is about getting back into a few routines that greatly increase the positivity and awesomeness of your life. I'm not really one for habits and "routines," I think it's good to change things up and go with the flow otherwise things become stagnant. These steps however are things that should be a part of your every day, so they are not some boring mundane secure routine that will hide you away from experiencing new things. Rather, these steps will push you towards new experiences, raise your vibrations, and keep you on that positive track in life. 
So! Without further ado...

Step #1: Wake up and appreciate your life. Start each day with a smile--meaning start your day off right! Focus on positive intentions and set the tone for the day. 
Step #2: Appreciate all the positive things that you already have in your life. Think about all the things you should be grateful for--even if they are small. If you are grateful for what you already have then you will bring more good things into your life, perhaps even in epic proportions! 
Step #3: Be Healthy! Get back into regularly exercising. It's easy to fall out of good-for-you tasks such as exercising. But aside from the obvious benefits of being fit and healthy, exercise also feeds the brain with happy endorphins, essential to maintaining a positive attitude. Also, feed your body healthy foods instead of junk. Food is fuel for the body, so properly fuel it! 
Step #4: Don't get stuck in a bad mood. Let it go and do something that will turn your mood around! I love to just crank some silly pop music and dance around like a fool. But everyone has their own tricks, find something that works for you. 
Step #5: Dig out that Happy Diary. You know the one I'm talking about. Again, it's sometimes too easy to fall out of good-for-you routines. Dig out that Happy Diary and write in it everyday, logging down all the amazing things you have in your life, all the awesome adventures you've been up to, and all the things you are manifesting. 
Step #6: Be kind to others. Be kind to everyone. Don't be judgmental. Look at every person with positivity. Wish only good things for other people. Be supportive and loving to everyone. 
Step #7: Be a "Yes" Person!! Always say yes! Don't miss out on opportunities and social invitations. Get back into the habit of saying "Yes!" 
Step #8: Smile, laugh, play. Be Happy Now. Repeat.
Step #9: Love Yourself. Remember to love yourself every single day. Think about the things that make you you and that you love about you. Loving anything else in the world starts with yourself. Need a refresher course? 
Step #10: Every night before bed make sure you focus once again on Positive Affirmations. Ending the day with a positive mindset is just as crucial as waking up with one. Go to sleep with only happy feel-good thoughts. And have a good night! xo
Step #11: Always always always see the positive in any situation. It's always there. Choose to see it. 

Let me know what your intentions for the week are! What are some of your Positive Affirmations at the moment? 
I love you all! Have a wonderful week filled with love and happiness--and lots of hugs!! :)


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  1. I've been trying my best to keep the fresh fruit coming, I really see an improvement in my mood when I do! Satsumas, grapes, and banana's everyday!

    Also, writing down my social thingies.. I'm terrible at remembering who I've said YES to, and what for, and to do what!.. So I bought a quirky little magnetic chalkboard for the kitchen so I can write everything down... also good for leaving sweet messages, and shopping lists!

  2. oh neat! I need one of those boards!! :D


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