Friday, October 14, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Keep your mind ON the things you DO want & OFF the things you DON'T Want! ☺

Positivity breeds more Positivity. Negativity fuels more Negativity. Whatever you focus on is what you will receive. 
It's a simple concept but is too often overlooked.
The power of the mind is astounding and brilliant; a tool, when used correctly, can be limitlessly beneficial; when used poorly can be somewhat unravelling. 

I have previously spoken about the Law of Attraction and using it to your advantage, this is an extension to it, and the reason why so many negativites appear and reappear in people's lives, why things always seem to go wrong, and why many people have bumps when it comes to their thoughts. 
The problem is that most people are thinking about what they Don't want, instead of what they Do want. And then they wonder why it keeps showing up over and over again in their lives. In the book "The Secret" they call this the "don't want" epidemic because people predominantly think, speak, act, and focus on what they "don't want." 

Think about this for a moment and you will probably realize just how true it is. All the negative experiences that have entered your life have most likely come about from some thought of negation you had at one point or another. We tend to worry a lot about what we don't want. And when something goes wrong we tend to focus a lot of emotion and attention on it. We tell other people about it to vent. We post about it on social networking sites. We dwell on it all day. This kind of attention will bring about more negative situations like that because that is all your thoughts are focussed on, and you are just affirming the negative to yourself over and over again. 

The Law of Attraction brings you whatever you are thinking about! 

The Law of Attraction doesn't respond to whether or not you perceive something as being "good" or "bad," whether or not you do or don't want something. It is responding to your dominant thoughts. If you're focussing on feeling bad about something then that's the signal you are sending out into the Universe. You are not only affirming it to yourself, but you are also going to draw more of that to you. The Law of Attraction receives your thoughts and then reflects them back to you as your life experience. The Universe simply responds by giving you whatever it is you are thinking about. Which is why it is so important to stop thinking and dwelling on what you don't want, and instead start to focus on what you do want. 

When you focus on what you don't want, this has two negative effects. One, is the Law of Attraction's response to your thoughts, bringing you more of the negative. The second is that the "don't want" mentality is a negative mindset, so not only are you drawing more negativity to you but you are also placing yourself in a self-defeating mindset at a subconscious level. Your statements of negation become a downward spiral. You'll feel awful in the moment and it will continue to spiral as you dwell on negativities, drawing more of that to you.  

Learn to catch yourself and stop focussing your attention on "Not" Statements and other statements of negation. Remember that the Mind and the Universe don't differentiate the difference between "can" and "cannot," "do" and "don't," so when you focus all your attention on what you don't want then you are more likely to receive that which you don't want. The Law of Attraction doesn't hear that you don't want it, it simply manifests the things that you are thinking about, and so that is why it is going to show up over and over again. When you are focussing on something, no matter what it is, you are calling it into existence. 

This is why to achieve your desires and wants and goals in life, it is important to keep your mind Off the things you Don't want and instead focus On the things you DO want. A few simple yet effective tweaks in your thought process is all it takes and the transformation is astounding. 
Everything that goes on in your life is absorbed in some way at the subconscious level. This is why voluntarily feeding the subconscious mind with positive thoughts has the greatest benefits, such as repeating Positive Affirmations every day. Remember that your thoughts are magnetic and will draw the parallel back to you. Your life is made up of your thoughts. All the people, things, experiences, one way or another were drawn to you, or you drawn to them, by those powerful thoughts. 
When you stop focussing on what you don't want, you'll stop sending out the message to the universe that you want those things. 

Repeating that you don't want to be miserable is telling the universe that you Want to be miserable. 
Repeating that you don't want to be late for work is telling the universe that you Want to be late for work.
If you are saying that you don't want people to treat you poorly then you are telling the universe that you Want people to treat you poorly. 

And those negative thoughts can spiral and continue all from one bad thought. 

Say you stub your toe in the morning, if you let it ruin your mood right then and there then you are dwelling on "oh it's going to be one of Those days" therefore you are simply re-affirming to yourself that it IS going to be one of "Those days." 
Repeating negative thoughts re-affirms them to yourself and to the universe. Complaining out-loud, dwelling on negative thoughts, posting negative thoughts on facebook or anywhere else is just re-affirming the thought to yourself, to others, and to the Universe. You feel it at every level of your being. 
What the mind wants the mind gets and when you continue with negative statements you will simply get them back to you. Do not affirm negative statements. Instead, focus on positive ones. Let slide the little negativities. Focus on what you Do want and you will draw that back to you. 

The person trying to lose weight needs to feed the mind with productive thoughts and positive phrasing. Things like "I want to be healthy" "I want to be skinny" "I want to have lots of energy" "I want to feel great" "I love healthy food." 
The person running late for work needs to stop saying "Don't be late!" or "I'm going to be late again!" and instead focus on "being on time." 

Focus on thoughts that are productive instead of counter-productive. What you put out into the universe, you will receive. This may sound a bit intimidating with all those negative thoughts floating about but the good news is that the power of positive thinking is much stronger than the power of negative thinking, and this has indeed been scientifically proven. You can counter an arising negative thought simply by replacing it with a positive one. The other encouraging thought is that any statement or thought felt with strong emotion is much more powerful as well. So feel good and you will receive more good things.

Keep your Mind On the things you Do want, always and consistently. Let go of the "not" statements. Turn thought habits around to a positive outlook that is beneficial and productive to your wishes and goals. 
By focussing On the things you Do want, you create favorable ideas in the subconscious Mind and you will draw those things to you or you will be drawn to them through the Law of Attraction. 

There is always a Can and always a Positive outlook and solution. Choose to focus on the Positive. Choose to focus your attention on what you Do want and you will Attract more of what you Do want. 


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