Tuesday, March 26, 2013

☼ Grow your own damn Food! ☼

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These weekly posts are to share the progress of our garden; sharing photos and our gardening experiments and will hopefully inspire you to grow your own garden too! :) 
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Our starts are coming up! The broccoli are doing really well and so are the collards. A couple tomatoes are starting to peek out of the soil as well. No peppers yet.  
This week we planted our kale starts; 3 types, lacinato (black), red russian, and siberian husk. We also planted our swiss chard and pok choi stars. Again I'm going to say how much I love our planter pots this year for all our starts! I mean, we get to plant the pots right into the garden beds without disturbing the roots and the pots will compost instead of using yucky plastic that will never ever degrade. Glad these were introduced to us!

What else this week?
The radishes in our outdoor greenhouse have popped up! The swiss chard we planted out there hasn't, likely due to the cold snaps we've been having at night. There are also mice that have decided to build their homes in the straw of the garden beds so we have to try and nudge them along to somewhere else. The other bump we've ran into with the straw is that there are seeds in it. Cory spent some time trying to pick some out but I guess we're going to have to figure that one out still as picking them out one by one would be rather tedious.  

I believe that's all for this week. The indoor greenhouse is doing so awesome, very happy that it gets so much natural sunlight and that we barely even have to use the grow lights with all the sunshine we've been getting this week. 
The weather is supposed to warm up this week, so very exciting. Spring is in the air! How is your garden doing?  

[Lyla supervising her daddy in the greenhouse]


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  1. It's so exciting to watch plants you've planted grow! I've been thinking of ways to start growing my own inside the apartment, but at least it's a step. :)
    Hope those mice leave soon and allow the rest to grow!


    1. lots of people do small windowsill gardens for their greens at least :) or see if there are any community gardens around? :)

  2. it's lookin so good!
    I'm using plastic pots so we can re-use them every year but I'm having a heck of a time with mold/fungus outbreak, I thought I had washed them well enough but maybe not. we used biodegradable ones the first year we gardened, I am tempted to switch especially for the squash/melon/pumpkins soon as they really dont like root disturbance.

    oh no a mouse! or mice? did you guys use hay or straw? I heard hay has weed seeds and straw does not.. I gathered up a bunch of hay from the hay shed as it was free, but I am hoping there won't be too many weed seeds in there!

    so exciting you have radishes! its been -8 here.. I think that might have killed or stunted some growth in our garden!

    1. we were using the plastic ones last year, I just find them so flimsy, like they break in a couple years and then, well, they're plastic so maybe they get recycled, but maybe not. And yeah fungus and bacteria, I hadn't even thought of that!

      we think maybe the mice are just stealing the straw to make their homes, which is better than them making homes IN the beds haha. it's straw, Cory knows his stuff, but I guess it's hard for them to get out ALL the seeds? :P

      I know I can't believe the lows we've been getting!! o.0


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