Wednesday, March 27, 2013

☆ The Strongest Full Moon of 2013 ☆

The strongest, most intense full moon of 2013 is tonight!
We all know how full moons can make us restless and crazy, right? Well this one will be a big one. We watched it last night and it was enormous! Full moons are transitional phases, especially in this lovely spring energy. So what does this moon mean? Well, it's time to clean up your life! 
The Libra Full Moon brings forth powerful life-changes and awareness, and a reminder to practice conscious awareness in our lives. It is a time when we need to surrender and keep in mind that change is our friend so not to resist it. 
Expect some emotional power struggles, and an awareness to the people around you. You may have noticed a lot of relationships falling apart and/or rebuilding recently (I know I have), it's all part of this spring cleaning, of moving into a better space in your life. Again, it's important not to resist and to be honest and open with yourself and your heart. Remember that the mind can complicate things. Chances are life is giving you a nudge, removing people from your life that are not serving you in a positive way or are restricting your personal growth. Trust life, know that everything happens for a reason and that, if you let it, it will help you out and guide you in the right direction. Pay attention so that you can cleanse and remove these negative people from your life, and so that it can make room for new relationships to emerge. We are moving from breakdown to breakthrough in this moon phase. 

“Remember that, these planets only take that which is obsolete. They will not take what you need for your personal evolution.  In fact, the main purpose of the Libra Full Moon and the Sun/Pluto transit is to empower you. So that you are ready to receive the positive creative changes that can take place now.”

Full moons are wonderful, enlightening experiences, so treat them as such. Since the full moons are active for four days before and after, make this a full moon week to work on yourself. Take some time to prepare yourself, to work on yourself and your life, and to do some personal spring cleaning. 
Work through any of those situations or areas of your life that need healing, things that still have not been addressed and have been left open. Get into a good creative "Self" space as well. Take some time to do yoga (under the moonlight would be even better!), rest lots and get some good sleep, pamper yourself with a bubble bath, meditate in a sacred space, finish up that spring cleaning in your home by clearing out any unused junk, and spend some time being creative with art or music. Dance around and enjoy being You. Be creative, be relaxed, and find your inner peace. Take care of your mind, body, and soul. 
And if you can, find an outdoor space, away from city lights, where you can truly enjoy the light and beauty of the full moon--it will do you good. 
This is a good time for self-reflection, to release self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and attitudes, and to get yourself back on track to a happy life. Remember that your attitude shapes everything else around you. Come from a place of love and not fear. Release and let go. 
So, what do you want to create? Take charge of your mind and life.


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