Saturday, March 2, 2013

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{life reflections}
 Weekly thoughts and rambles. A glimpse into my mind and world. 
These are entries that I might jot down in my Happy Diary; what happens when we put our fingers to the keyboard and allow our thoughts to flow uninhibited. Reflections from the soul. 
Reflections of life.  

I hope to leave you inspired. 
If you want to share your own reflections of the week please leave a link to your "life reflections" entry in the comments for all to find and see.
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Ah life. The roller coaster. It's funny, the more I embark on this journey through my soul, really getting to know who I actually am, the more I find the ups and downs to be more frequent. At least in this phase of my journey. But the ups and downs also come and go more easily--my lesson to continue practicing. Life truly gives us whatever it is we need to learn or work on. This is why I think it's important to take a step back and really appreciate what life is giving you, whether it feels beneficial or not at the time. It is. And so, I watch the ups and downs, get emotional, observe, and continue on. A passing wave. It's all a journey, a lesson, and it takes practice and persistence. But it certainly does get easier. It just seems to flow more smoothly. Life happens. It's important not to resist but to go with the flow. Adapting. Learning. Bending with the flow of life. Not stopping things from happening, not stopping yourself from feeling angry or sad, but allowing such emotions to be felt, expressed, and then released. It's the only healthy and sane way to live life. 
This is the phase I feel to be in at the moment. Phases come and go, such is life. Winter is a time where I hermit quite a lot, I wrap myself up in the blanket of imagination, of drawing and writing… and basically nerding out. I think I'm a fairly introverted person. I like my "me" time. Like really like it. If I don't get time for myself in a week to enjoy my hobbies and hear my own thoughts then I think I'd go crazy. The more I realize this, the more I realize art has always been my outlet. It's a good outlet. I love it. I love creating. I love allowing my imagination to run all over my world. However, I know the value of balance. Balance is something I try to keep in mind. There are some times it's easier than others. I think it's also human nature. To become attached… and to not want to let go. We have obsessive personalities many of us. This gets in the way of balance and sometimes realizing what is actually good for us. Balance. I truly think it's the key to maintain an effortless level of happiness. Practice makes perfect. 
The snow has mostly melted, though it has made a few dramatic reappearances, dancing in and out with a stubborn lingering. Like human behaviour I suppose. Attachment. Anyways… it's felt like spring for a while now. Spring excites me. I love being outside, but I don't like being cold so I don't get out as much in the winter time as I'd like to--or feel motivated to. Spring brings back the colour in the world, that fresh scent in the air that washes us over with memories of previous years. Spring feels like new beginnings. Fresh starts. I like that. Our lives can be so scattered and bumpy, but we always have the choice on when to make a fresh start, to clean the slate. We can choose when to stand up and say "this is how my life is going to be." It's really quite amazing. Inspiring. We choose our lives. We choose our attitudes. The only one responsible for our own lives is ourselves. It can be overwhelming, and I've written about this before, but it's an amazing thing to realize. It's liberty. It truly is. 
So, what's your new beginning? 


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