Saturday, March 9, 2013

{life reflections}

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{life reflections}
 Weekly thoughts and rambles. A glimpse into my mind and world. 
These are entries that I might jot down in my Happy Diary; what happens when we put our fingers to the keyboard and allow our thoughts to flow uninhibited. Reflections from the soul. 
Reflections of life.  

I hope to leave you inspired. 
If you want to share your own reflections of the week please leave a link to your "life reflections" entry in the comments for all to find and see.
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It's an incredibly beautiful day here today in Nelson, B.C.. The sun is shining, the lake is twinkling, and I'm sitting here in my sunroom in a t-shirt and no socks (I love not wearing socks) without having to turn the heat on. Hurrah for spring!
It's been a rather busy week this one. Orders from ReLove's etsy shop have kept me super busy, as well as getting orders together for a few stores (exciting!). Oh! And ReLove is in Ripping Giraffe's window display here in town too. Woot! 
When I haven't been creating, I've been fortunate to have some lovely adventures as well. Tea dates are regular outings for me, it's time I get to spend with one of my best friends, catch up, talk about life, smile, laugh, and enjoy some girl time (and tea and raw treats of course). I also got to go to the hot springs this week with a couple girlfriends, and "Prince Vanilla" the lovely unicorn my friend's car dash (see yesterday's "this moment" post ;)). There were a few scattered moments bumping into friends I haven't seen in a while as well which are always nice. I also drove out with my hubby and one of our guy friends (who was kind enough to help us out with his truck) to my dad's garden centre (Dig at the junction) to pick up soil and manure for our garden beds. It was nice going out to see my dad. Our relationship has been estranged for a few reasons, all that have since passed and been resolved I feel. It's still difficult to trust again when your hearts been trampled over for so many years, but I don't have a place in my heart to dwell on that anymore. Letting him back into my life has been a gradual progression. I feel good about where things are now and look forward to things getting even better. 
Life is a funny thing that way. If you would have asked me a year and a half ago if my family life would be where it is at today I probably would have laughed at you. But I understand the power of staying positive, of manifesting and attracting your desires and dreams to you through the Law of Attraction. I talk about the Law of Attraction a lot because, from experience, I know that it undoubtedly works. Whenever it doesn't work I don't get discouraged, I simply accept that I'm not ready for whatever it is I'm asking for or I may not be manifesting right. It can be hard to do, especially at the beginning. There are so many tricks and techniques, things to do and not to do, being in the right mindset and frequency--all of which I try to talk about and share on the blog. But I have seen some unimaginable miracles happen because of it, which is why I will continue to place such an emphasis on this Universal Law here at ReLove 
Anyways. I am happy to have a relationship with my dad again. Any and every relationship is healable if the circumstances are right and if both people change. Bottom line, I'm rather happy with my family life and relationships at the moment. Oh, and our visit to the garden centre was nice too. I even got a new cactus friend for my room, which will be my little gift from my dad to cherish. :)

Yesterday we built our first garden bed. We're getting to start from scratch on our garden this year, which may be more work but is also pretty rewarding and will mean less work (weeding and such) once veggies start to grow. It was a fun and silly day. Cory (my husband) took a permaculture course a few years back and so he sort of knows the ropes (or some) of gardening. At least more than I know. I know nothing. He's teaching me and it's a lot of fun and quite amazing to see what nature can do. I think I'm going to start a progress post on the blog for our garden, sharing some pictures and what we've been up to with the garden since I feel it's such a valuable thing that everyone should be doing for themselves, whether it be a large garden or a tiny window box. Anything helps. Especially living in the world we live in today where vegetables are more expensive to buy than cheap garbage junk food that will only make you sick. Call me crazy but it seems counter-productive to "save money" on cheap food when you're going to end up paying far more on medical bills and feeling like the garbage you're eating. But that's just me. ;) I don't have a hard time justifying buying local organic produce. I like cooking (I used to hate it and never be motivated to), knowing what's Actually in your food, and reaping the benefits of Healthy food so that you Feel Good. Isn't that what life's about after all? Feeling Good!? 
Holy ramble batwoman! 
Yesterday was International Women's Day! (yes I have to throw this in here too) Women have come so far! We still have a long ways to go, but I feel like our progress is coming quickly. I know so many amazing women in my life. People often think of famous women when they think of inspiring women, but the truth is most of what I've learned is from the women directly in my life. My mother is such an amazing woman who has taught me so much. She deserves a shout out. She did what so many women struggle to do and got out of two abusive relationships, got out on her own, and loved her children so much. She taught me about love, health, listening and talking, communicating, honesty, friendship, about life. She is truly amazing. My sister is also amazing and I am so proud of all that she does and continues to do. She has two of the sweetest little girls and I know they are going to turn out as kick-ass as she is. She just started a blog and is already doing so many amazing things with it. She lives as self-sustaining as possible and is an awesome earth-conscious mama and supportive sister. You should check out her blog here: {LittleMountainHaven} and see her amazing garden and homesteading and my adorable nieces. ;) I've seen and known plenty of other amazing women, like friends that do amazing things. Even if the things we do sometimes seem small, there is no truly small amazing act. Truth is, women are freakin-fantastic and we don't get enough credit for this. So shine on you amazing women and learn to appreciate how truly amazing you are!!
Holy molly ramble batwoman! 

Okay, I shall close this ramble by saying how much I truly love and appreciate all of you who read this blog, who support my etsy store and all of my work, and for all the many amazing people I've met via Facebook and social networking. There are so many amazing wonderful people out there and I feel so blessed to know you all. 
I hope you're life is grand and you are learning to appreciate all the beautiful little and large moments. Much Love! 


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  1. Thanks for posting. I have had a very rocky relationship with my dad too. I currently do not have a relationship with him at all. I did reach out to him about trying have a relationship, but he wants to discuss a situation about my mom that happened around the time I was born. My parents never married and have not spoken to each other since I was 15 or 16; I am now 26. All my dad has done is put my mom down and he lies, so when I told him that I don't want to or need to hear negative stuff about my mother, he told that he does not want a relationship with me. I told him that I am looking for a healthy and postive relationship with him and I am not going to let him drag me down a negative path with his drama. I know it is his loss, but I am glad that things are working out between you and your dad.


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