Saturday, March 16, 2013

{life reflections}

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{life reflections}
 Weekly thoughts and rambles. A glimpse into my mind and world. 
These are entries that I might jot down in my Happy Diary; what happens when we put our fingers to the keyboard and allow our thoughts to flow uninhibited. Reflections from the soul. 
Reflections of life.  

I hope to leave you inspired. 
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As I sit here with a heat pad on my stomach and my femini tea brewing, I can't help contemplate what it is to be a woman. Yes, today I'm going to talk about women, our amazing yet debilitating cycles, and what it all means… well, my thoughts on some things anyways… and how we all need to be nice to one another…  
Women. We are such amazing wonderful beings. The life-force of human life. We have the ability to destroy life, like most other creatures, but unlike our male counterparts, we also have the ability to create life. Not just take part in the creation of life, I mean literally Create Life! How amazing is that?! And frightening. As a woman who has never given birth, nor plans to, I find the whole concept so fascinating, empowering and terrifying. I mean, let's face it, you don't too often hear the stories of women giving birth gently and calmly and loving the experience, it's usually some variation of a horror story. Yet, when it's all said and done, the beaming smile and look in a mother's eyes as she holds her newborn is one I've seen many times and seems to wipe away that pain. I am so blessed to be surrounded with amazing women in my life; strong, inspiring women. All around me. And you are too. Even when we women seem crazy and hormonal with what feels like the flick of the switch, holy are we ever strong kick-ass things! 
I think a lot of the negative attitudes towards women and our cycles feeds the continuation of that negative outcome. We look at our periods as this terrible thing we dread once a month. We look towards other women with disattachment, cattiness, and jealousy, instead of loving, welcoming, appreciating and looking out for one another. It's a sad cycle. Truly. I feel like it needs to change, that we must become aware of this and start supporting one another. Women have gone through a lot, and continue to do so. The world is sexist, quite often in a very subliminal way. I mean, you hear people make the remarks like "your throw like a girl" or "play sports like a girl" all the time. Even when this comment is made jokingly and innocently, it is still putting women down. It is hurtful, is it not? Truth is that society still fears and puts down women and continues to do so whether we are fully aware of it or not. I'm not this huge feminist. I've read the book "Cunt" and have felt inspired by it, awakened by it. But I'm not this huge feminist. Maybe I'm starting to… I'm not going to slap a label on it because I hope that all women are feminists in one way or another. I just feel as if I, too, am awakening to the reality of how sexist the world still actually is. Not just sexist though. I think society still has many subliminal put-downs to things it fears. For instance, I watched this video the other day of this amazing woman talking about our use of the word "gay" and how we use it so liberally, and even though we may not think about it, it is a hurtful word to the gay community. Watch the video, you won't regret it. 

Anyways, I think my point (if I indeed I have one in today's ramble) is that the world needs to show more kindness, love, and appreciation for everyone and everything. Yes, I think that's my point today. Appreciation and love and positivity. (Isn't it always? ;))
This goes for the vegan front too or whatever your beliefs might be. I try not to be a preachy vegan, I share information when I can but I do so in a more positive and inspiring way. Because I think being vegan should be a positive thing and if you want to encourage others to go vegan you're not going to do it by being pushy or condescended towards others. The truth is we can all live in harmony with one another and be nice to one another. I've turned so many people vegan, and I am proud of that and will continue to do so. But I also get along with my fellow non-vegans and don't make them feel badly. I may open some thinking doors, or open their eyes to some realities, but I'm not going to make them feel badly. And what I do works. Trust me. And my life is beautiful and it encourages others to live their lives beautifully as well. We Can all get along. It just takes some respect, understanding, and often taking a step back to see all sides. And admitting when you might be in the wrong and fixing that with an apology and positive action. It's not rocket science, it's common decency. 
So be nice to one another. The end. ;) 


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  1. It's right what your saying, feminism has come on a long way but there is still a lot of negative imagery media about how women should look and act. And there is still much to be done before all people will truly be treated equally regardless of gender, race or sexuality. Thankyou for another thought provoking post :) Heres a link to my short life reflections post although it dosn't really have much structure! x

    1. I loved reading your life reflections post :) xo
      Thank you for reading and for your thoughts! :)


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