Thursday, March 28, 2013

☺ Rejection Propels Us Forward ☺

Rejection is a part of life, no matter who you are. I've been through my fair share of rejection in various situations, within family, friends, work, and so forth. It can feel just plain awful, especially when you don't see it coming. However, as with anything, rejection can be viewed positively, we just have to seek it out, right? Right!
So why is rejection positive? 
First and foremost, we need to remember that life is trying to help us, whether we can see it that way or not. Rejection is simply life's way of nudging you along, like waving a warning sign to tell you that whatever it is you are being rejected from isn't right for you anyway. It might not be the thing itself that is not right for you, it may just be the approach or manner in which such a thing is in our lives. For instance, when we try to make friends and the other person doesn't want to be our friend in return, this doesn't mean you don't deserve friends. On the contrary, life is giving you a blessing because if that person doesn't want you in their lives then you shouldn't want them in your life either. Why? Because you're awesome, and because maybe the two of you just aren't a good fit. The same thing can be said for any relationship or any endeavour. Maybe you've gone after a certain job and been rejected, that doesn't necessarily mean the type of job was wrong for you, it simply means that that particular job place or environment wasn't good for you. 
Get where I'm going with this? 
The truth is that life Knows what we Need, and that is not always what we Want. We can't always see the big picture, but low and behold, Life does. This is why it is good to let go and not become too attached to one particular outcome, if we do that then we close ourselves off from the potential awesomeness that could be trying to get into our lives. 
Trust life, have faith in life, know that no matter how many ups and downs you may experience you are heading in the right direction. The other thing to remember is that you Do need to be open to what life may be trying to give you, you must stay positive and you must choose to see the positive in order to move forward. Again, you may not always see the big picture, in fact you usually won't, but have faith and go with the flow. Trust life. 
Rejection removes the negatives from our lives. Yes, it may hurt, no one enjoys being rejected after all, but really everything works out in the end and everything happens for a reason. In any instance, rejection is removing the negative from our lives, whether it be a temporary removal or permanent. Just know that it is Right for You. Trust it. Learn to take rejection as a sign from the universe and not to take it personally. Getting discouraged and getting down about things does not serve you or move you into a positive place of receiving good into your life. But you can learn a lot from rejection. I, myself, still have rejection issues from my past that I must still work through, but through a friendship falling apart last year I came to learn this lesson that I am sharing with you today. Rejection happens. Don't take it personally. Know that life is simply removing the unneeded inhibiting pieces from your life. It's not you, it's them. 
Lastly, when it comes to relationships, if someone doesn't want you in their lives then why should you want that type of person in your life either? You are far too amazing and wonderful for that. You Deserve better. You deserve all the amazingness that life has to offer. You deserve loving, caring, mutually respectful relationships where the other person appreciates you. Accept and know that you are deserving, because this too will help bring the right relationships and things into your life. If you constantly think you don't deserve better then you will never receive better. You must love yourself first, remember? 

So don't get discouraged by rejection, be inspired by it. Don't waste your time worrying and being upset over things that aren't right for you, because you do deserve better. 
Don't allow fear of rejection to hold you back either or you'll never move forward. If we gave up after every rejection then we wouldn't ever get anywhere or receive anything in life. When life is tough that's not when we give up, that's when we try harder. But trying should also feel effortless when we are on the right track, so pay attention to this to know if you're heading for the right things. Ease up and let life pull you along, it Will guide you where you need to be. If you haven't found those amazing friends, that perfect partner, that fulfilling job, don't give up, because it's just around the corner. Keep trying, keep smiling, keep being positive. Put yourself out there and instead of fearing rejection let it be your compass. 
Allow rejection to propel you forward instead of allowing it to hold you back.  


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  1. I've had many of these things happen to me too. Back then I didn't know much, being a naive and happy little high schooler, but I've learned a thing or two now and have become less fearful of rejection. Thank goodness!


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