Tuesday, May 21, 2013

☼ Grow your own damn Food! ☼

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These weekly posts are to share the progress of our garden; sharing photos and our gardening experiments and will hopefully inspire you to grow your own garden too! :) 
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Our front garden bed is looking much more like a garden bed which is definitely exciting. 
We planted the zucchini last week and they are continuing to healthily thrive. Since our transplanted tomatoes were so terrible and we were gifted those lovely tomato plants from our landlords, we turned over the dwindling ones and planted our new happy plants instead. We also planted the pepper plants we got last week along the squash and uprooted the kale that wasn't doing much at the end of the tomatoes as well. So now everything in that bed is green and looking, well, like a garden.

[tomatoes and peppers]

[peppers and zucchini]

My sister (over at Little Mountain Haven) also gave us three of her extra tomato plants that we made room for. She also gifted us some melon plants which we also planted yesterday in the front garden bed. Exciting! We've never grown melons before and it's a good space to let them sprawl out since the soil isn't the richest in the back of that bed and we didn't want to plant too much there. 
[tomatoes and melons]


We pulled up all our radishes since the plants were bolting and no radishes were actually forming beneath the soil. We think it may be because we did a hugel culture in that bed so there might not have been enough soil for the radishes to want to form in. It's all an experiment, that is for sure! Well our kale and mustard greens are still very happy in the bed and we've been harvesting kale already for smoothies in the morning. There's  nothing more amazing then just stepping out barefoot into your garden in the morning and picking fresh greens for your breakfast. Bliss!

All the other greens are still steadily growing. Lettuce is looking healthy. We actually have some random peas coming up in the third bed too and we're not quite sure if it was the birds that moved them or… well, something else, we're not sure. We moved the bean trellis from the front bed as well because it was in the back where, like I mentioned, the soil isn't the richest but also because it's under the cover of the house so wouldn't get the rain meaning more watering. 

Peas and cucumbers are still growing. The strawberries have been flowering for a while now but we've been picking off the flowers until they become a bit more root bound. I think we're at the point now where we will let them grow so hopefully we will have strawberries soon. What's interesting as well is that the strawberries in the ground look much healthier than the ones in the pot. Hmm.

We have some New Zealand spinach starts growing inside that will go in the ground in a week or so. 

That is all this week! Hope you had a lovely long weekend! 


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  1. glad I could give you guys some melons & tomatoes :)

    our radishes were flowering before forming the root too. it was because of that hot week of heat & sun so they give up forming the roots and just try and go to seed... :(

  2. Your garden is looking so fabulous!!!

    It's winter in Australia and has been colder than usual, so my plants have been growing very slowly. My baby Roma Tomato seedling has its first two true leaves this week - and I'm really excited about my 4 peas being over 5cm tall now, and sending out their first tendrils looking for something to climb onto! They'll be able to reach the string supports I have made for them soon :)

    Unfortunately my long-awaited lettuce has been viciously devoured by a Mystery Lettuce-Eater. Munched down to soil level. The lettuce restaurant area will be closed off with something, and protected from the Mystery Lettuce-Eater, if I can figure out how... I envision some sort of mesh...


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