Thursday, May 2, 2013

☺ How to All Get Along ☺

Conflicts are all around us, especially because there are so many people involved in our lives. People have different viewpoints, opinions, and perceptions, all of which will change or warp their outlook and reality of any given situation. People see what they choose to see. You will often notice that in one event, every person involved will tell the story differently, as if living in alternate worlds. Not everyone can be right, yet everyone is right. The truth usually lies somewhere in between all the stories. But the world is what you choose to see; we create our own realities. Yet this is something most people don't take a moment to realize and are stubborn in their viewpoint. 
Drama breeds from negative stimulation and people being unkind towards one another and not understanding where the other person is coming from. We assume we know everything about the other person, yet humans are extremely complex (you should know this simply by looking into your own mind) so we cannot truly know. Things are usually much more profound than we realize, and there is usually a lot more going on with a person than we see before our eyes. 
With all the drama that I see in my own life and others, I felt this would be a good guide to create to teach others how to move forward, be kind, and all get along. I suggest taking a moment on each line to really absorb the words. Re-read it over and over until it in implanted in your brain. And pass it along so that others can learn as well.  

How to All Get Along

Accept that you do not know everything
And that you are not always right.
You cannot understand exactly what someone else is going through,
And Everyone is going through something,
So be sympathetic and open-minded.
Assume nothing. Judge no one.
Ask "what would love do?"
And act accordingly to what love would do.
Distinguish your boundaries and how involved in something (drama) you want to be. 
Be clear with people and step away when things are not within those boundaries.
Let go of the past.
Let go of guilt, pride, and shame. They do not serve you.
Forgive and move on.
Stop needing apologies. It is selfish and does not heal.
Only You can heal your wounds.
Be honest and sincere.
Do not speak unkindly behind others' backs--you're just feeding the cycle of drama and misunderstandings by doing this.
If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Stop creating problems from nothing.
Do not play the "poor me" card, 
Be self aware and attentive to your own behaviours and actions.
Accept your faults, learn, and move on instead of dwelling.
Take responsibility.
Accept criticism, but don't allow yourself to be torn apart.
Remember that you are not perfect. And that's okay.
Remember that no one else is perfect. And that's okay too. 
Be kind to one another. 
Remember that there are other people's feelings involved. 
Be understanding to one another--even when you don't understand.
Allow others to make their own decisions and live their own lives.
Take a step back. Think before you act or speak.
Listen before you speak.
Never raise your voice.
Respect each other.
Don't take things too personally.
Be understanding, loving, compassionate, and assume nothing.
Always come from a place of love.  


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