Thursday, May 30, 2013

☺ 10 Tips to Accept Yourself and Others ☺

It can be tough dealing with people. It can be difficult to see eye to eye, and it can be difficult not to take on the negative energy of other people. People are so complex and so amazing. When we learn to appreciate such things then we can learn to understand others and learn to all get along.  
These tips are useful tools to turn back to and keep with you throughout your day to keep calm, collected, and unfazed by people or situations you may find yourself in. It's all about balance, acceptance, and release; so that you can be happy and bad-ass all day long! 

It's okay to be Selfish. Take care of yourself first, first and foremost. If you don't take care of your own needs and happiness first then you will always be in second place in your heart and life, and that is not a happy place to live. You are awesome, and it's not only okay to think so but should also be encouraged! When you start taking care of yourself first then you will become happy with yourself, and when you become happy with yourself you become of use and help to others. So start with yourself.  
You can't please everyone. Some people are stubborn, some people are unappreciative, and some people just plain won't like you. It is not your job to please others. Your value is not based on someone else's opinion of you. As long as you are true to yourself and be the person you want to be then that is more than enough; and the people who truly matter will never ask you to compromise who you are, your values, or anything else about yourself. 
Not every person you meet is going to like you.  It doesn't matter who you are, there will always be people who absolutely adore you, and people that absolutely dislike you. Take any superhero for example; no matter how much good they did there is always someone who distrusts or dislikes them. Such is life. As already mentioned, it is not your job to please everyone around you. Let go of the notion that everyone should like you, because they won't. Just be yourself and you'll attract people into your life who love you, the rest are just shadows that don't matter in your life.  
Don't take thing personally. Most of the time people don't like others out of jealousy and unhappiness with themselves which in turn gets projected onto you. It may not be much fun sometimes being on the receiving end, but it's something that you are going to need to learn to deal with and let go of. It's not you, it's them. Keep doing your own thing and distance yourself from people who treat you poorly. 
Only you control your destiny. Your life is not dependent on others; your path is Your path and no one else's. No one can walk your path for you, though many will walk beside you, none will be the legs that make you walk. So walk your own path, seek your own destiny and don't rely on others. You control your life, your path, and therefor, your destiny! 
Let it go. Don't carry arguments or misunderstandings with you. Don't hold onto the negativity of others. Don't dwell on things that don't matter or that don't immediately affect your life. You don't need to hold the weight of others, or the world, on your shoulders, so don't. Let it go. Breathe out negativity so you can breathe in happiness and light. 
It's not always worth it to get the last word. Disagreements with others are inevitable; everyone has different perceptions, opinions, and values that will affect the way any situation or conversation is received. You are not always right. Even when you are actually right, you gain nothing from forcing it down someone else's throat, because if they don't want to hear it then they won't. It's not worth an argument, resentment, or negativity. Learn when to walk away. 
Don't waste your energy on negative people or situations. Again, you don't have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. So don't. You don't have to carry the negativity from others with you. You don't have to waste your time on any of it. This is something else you need to learn to walk away from. Distance yourself from negative people as much as you can, and if you are around them learn not to take on their negativity. Don't go looking for a fight or drama. 
You can only help people who are open to being helped. Trying to please everyone will not only completely exhaust you, but your efforts will not always be met with gratitude. Some people would rather stay miserable. That's not your problem. Help those who want to be helped; always have an open heart; let people know your door is always open; understand that not everyone is ready to be helped; and stop feeling the need to help everyone around you. 
Appreciate and respect differences in others. People are so multi-faceted and different and amazing. You are one of those amazing people. And so is everyone else. You are not always right, you are not always going to get along with certain people, you are not always going to have things in common with everyone. Respect and appreciate how different people are instead of feeling anything negative. The more you learn to practice this the more others will respect and appreciate your differences as well. 


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