Saturday, December 17, 2011

☮ Be the Change: Holiday Season Green Tips! ☮

A little late in the holiday season I know, but better late than never right? And there are still changes you can make every to be greener and kinder to mother earth and the living creatures that live here. So, without further further ado… 

Holiday Season Green Tips:
☮ Buy Handmade! Not only is buying handmade a sure way to make sure you're buying ethical fair-trade products, but you also get that special care, skill and craftsmanship that you just don't see in mega corporations and "brand" name products. And you get to support just that, an individual making a living away from the corporate society. Oh yeah, and you're not supporting those greedy corporations, child labour, and the environmental catastrophe that goes along with large-scale manufacturing that pollutes our air, soil, and waterways. 

☮ Pick a Green Tree! Your greenest option for a Christmas tree (other than not having one) is to buy a real tree from a local organic grower. Artificial ones may seem green since they can be reused year after year, but they are usually made from super harmful PVC, and you can't exactly recycle them after your done with them. Of course, if you have one already, there's no sense in tossing it out now. On the other hand, many christmas tree farmers do use harmful pesticides and chemicals (some growers use up to 40 different types of pesticides, as well as chemical colorants!) so should also be approached with a note of caution. Choose Organic and choose Local, rather than having a tree shipped miles and miles to get to you. Tree farms are sustainable by nature, all those trees turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, providing habitat for animals, and the trees are replanted every year. But, again, I emphasize the important of organic and local. Organic and Local! Got it? ;)

☮ Recycle your Christmas Tree! I think this is the part that often gets neglected, but what happens to all those trees after Christmas is over? Well, sadly 10 million trees end up in the landfill every year. 10 Million!!! Many cities now have recycling programs for trees, so be sure to call and find out. And if they don't then look to compost it yourself instead. They make great mulch for your garden once the snow melts! Or, your greenest option altogether; get a tree with roots so that you can plant it afterwards! Make sure you look into the proper care etc. of course though first. 

☮ Wrapping Presents: Most mass-produced wrapping paper is not actually recyclable so just ends up in the landfill, and then there's all the trees that get clear cut, bleached, and coloured with chemicals just to wrap a present in and look pretty for a short while. I think my favourite, and your greenest option, is to wrap your presents in whatever you have handy at home that's ready to be recycled. Newspaper and cereal boxes are a good route, and you can always spice them up a bit by colouring on them or wrapping a bow around them. Make it fun and crafty! If you're stuck on wrapping presents with that traditional look then there are recycled wrapping paper options out there too, such as Green Field Paper.  

☮ Buy Less, Enjoy More! The Holiday season is Not about presents. Or at least it shouldn't be. What's the point of stressing out over buying gifts when you don't have money? I'm sure the people who matter in your life would rather you not be a stress case and actually enjoy the holidays and your company instead of getting a present. Learn to buy less and enjoy the company of people more. That's where true joy in the holiday season is anyway. Make presents, or make cute cards, or breakfast, or something along those lines if you really want to do something but aren't sure what. Get creative and thoughtful! 

☮ Buy Energy Saving Holiday Lights!  Long answer short; it'll save you money and it will save the environment a heavy toll. LED lights are now pretty easily available and use 90% less energy and can save your family up to $50 on your energy bills during the holiday season! Win!

☮ Choose Organic, Local, and Vegan for your Holiday Feast! Or at least try your hardest to incorporate these ideals into your feast. Support local farmers for your produce. If you absolutely have to have turkey then at least choose a local organic free-range and visit the farm yourself to know it's legit--and thank the turkey for being your dinner. But really you should be choosing the Vegan option. Remember, Meat is Not Green! The industry has a huge whopping toll on the environment, as well as wildlife, and of course the poor suffering animals being farmed. If your stuck for what to make, don't be! There are TONS of amazing Vegan dishes you can make! I will be sharing some this week and in the mean time this blog has tons of delicious options to choose from:   


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  1. I'm not very much into the holiday spirit, so no tree for me. But I am of course buying as much handmade as possible! ;)

  2. yayy!!
    I think I'd skip the tree too. We have a fake one we've had for a couple years (which I feel guilty owning knowing how bad they are haha :p) but the cats loves to climb it and sleep in it and destroy it.

    Gotta love handmade, its so much better than buying cheap crap made in China ;)


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