Thursday, December 29, 2011

☺ Dear Life ☺

Dear Life,
You may not always seem kind, 
Because we don't see the beauty you provide.
You send us where we need to be, 
To find the lessons for us to feel free. 
The paths we endure, both high and low,
Take us on a journey through life's shadow. 
You give us smiles, happiness, and light, 
So why only see the darkness, sadness, and fight?
Life, you are beautiful, wonderful, and kind, 
But that is our choice to walk through life blind. 
We could open our eyes, let light shine, 
And embrace the wonders that could be mine.  
To make sure we endure, persevere, and learn, 
You lead us on bridges that we must ourselves burn. 
Laughter is on our tongues, bliss in our hearts, 
For us to grasp and to hold, and let the darkness depart.  
Thank you life for being hard,
And helping us to live and grow through scars, 
Like a mother, you know what's best, 
to help us gain knowledge and love through tests. 
You are not evil, miserable, or unkind, 
These are simply passages to life that we must find.  
Engaging our minds, creating mysteries for us to discern, 
You make life fun, adventurous, challenging for us to learn.
Dear Life, Thank you for all that you give, 
I know now to be grateful, to love and to live.   


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  1. Wonderful and so inspiring! The reminder we all need to stop complaining and to open our eyes to see all the good there is around!

    Thank you, Bianca!

  2. I think we all need reminders from time to time ;)
    you're welcome! xoxo

  3. That is a beautiful poem!!!


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