Monday, December 5, 2011

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

Why are Mondays so fantastic? Well because it's the beginning of a new week. A new week where you get to start anew and choose what you want the rest of your week to be like. It's like hitting the "reset" button if you so desire and make the week amazing. Or if your past week was already amazing then the beginning of a new week is your chance to embrace yet another awesome week. It is what you make it! And here are this week's tips to help you make it lovely and fantabulous. 

Be Excited!!! About Life! It's beautiful and amazing and holds so many experiences awaiting for you to dive into. Get excited about your day, about your relationships, about your life. If you're not allowing yourself to feel excited then you can't possibly expect anything actually exciting to happen to you. Feel excitement and you will receive excitement!   
Help Someone Out… because it feels good! For the other person and for yourself. Helping others is sharing love, and nothing is more precious than love. I recently heard the story of the "Secret Santa" anonymously giving out $100 dollar bills from the goodness of their heart. While you may not have hundreds of dollars laying around, you can help others in so many other ways. Help them out with a project, a move. Help a friend get back on their feet from a breakup. Just being There for someone is all you need to do. 
Donate -- but Research First! It's just that giving kind of time of year, isn't it? Well, consider donating to a charity you believe in. Do some research to make sure you're donating to a worthy cause though. You'd be surprised by how many of those "non-profit" organizations don't actually contribute anything worthwhile. Classic example is all the "cancer research" and other disease-related "research" people donate only to have their money used for animal experiments that have Nothing to do with said-disease, but it's still done "in the name of" cancer or said-disease. Just be smart and do good. ;)          
Embace Both Sides of Yourself! We all have "dark" sides to us. We all have "bad" days. We all have moments that we aren't particularly proud of. The beauty of this is that we are human and we are allowed to experience unfavourable moments, both outwardly and within. Remember that we also have beauty within us and let that shine as well. Experience yourself fully and embrace all sides of your being. Only then can you selectively choose to better yourself or remove the parts you don't like. 
Festively Decorate! Get into the Holiday Spirit! I think the Holiday season is always such a magical time of year and it's fun to feel like a kid again and embrace that magic and joy. Decorate to get yourself in the mood and spread that holiday spirit!  
Write 3 Letters… or even better, three Cards that you've put the effort into making yourself. Leave them as a surprise to three individuals in your life, whether they are someone close to you or you are just getting to know. Mailing them out to someone far away is even better! :)    
Pick up "Happy" Cards! My friend Talia introduced me to her "fairie oracle" cards and I instantly fell in love. It's like having tarot readings, giving you an extra boost of inspiration or guidance to a question that's been on your mind. There are all sorts of cards out there to choose from, go on a search and find the right ones for You. I picked up a pack of "Peaceful Warrior" cards--obviously resonated with me. I love them! It's so great for that extra lift or reminder to live your life with joy and love--or whatever else the card may advice you of.  

May your week be everything you dream and choose it to be! Much love and hugs!


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