Monday, December 26, 2011

☺ Motivational Mondays! Last of 2011!☺

The day after Christmas! Wow, it went by fast ;p. Hope you all had a lovely time however you celebrated the Holiday season. More importantly, however, the New Year is fast approaching! I have some exciting things coming along very soon that I can't wait to share with you all. I mean I am literally jumping in my seat with excitement. Are you?! ;) Anyway, more on that later, now is time for the last Motivational Monday post of 2011!!! Whooooaaaaa sayyyy whattttt?!!! ;D And so because of this, I am setting the tone of this week to welcome the New Year off Right! 

Reflect… upon this past year. Revisit memories, events, emotions, lessons. What would you do differently? Learn from the past but don't get stuck in it. "Mistakes" are only experiences that help us learn, so regret absolutely Nothing! All of life's experiences are there to learn from so that you can live better in this moment today. So, revisit the past to learn from it and so that you can tell yourself what you want to do differently in the coming year. And remember the importance of the Now and always return to it.      
Learn to Laugh at Yourself! And don't take life so seriously. I think they are amazing words of advice that have helped me out time and time again. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to laugh and to smile. No matter what happens in life remember to laugh at yourself and have a sense of humour. Life should not be taken seriously. Being silly is a ton more fun than being serious. Come on, you know you enjoy my silliness, you simply must get in on this silliness as well! It's nice to act the way you want and not care what others think. So be yourself and enjoy every bit of it, stop caring what others think, and stop taking yourself and life so seriously.      
Be Honest with Yourself… Deep down you know exactly what it is you want, so start listening to your heart more. Be honest with yourself and do whatever it is you need to do without fear or resistance. If there are changes you need to make in your life then now is the time to get on it so you can start the new year Fresh and Alive and full of Happiness!   
Get Clear about what you Want! Kind of to go along with the above, but this is the time to get clear about what it is you want in life. Once you are clear about What you want, the answers as to how those things will come about will naturally begin to show themselves to you. 
Read up on the Law of Attraction! It works it works it works! If you are still skeptic, get over it and get in touch with the Law of Attraction--after all, it is happening whether you believe in it or not. I have had so many personal experiences where the Law of Attraction works, and heard many other stories of it in action, both online and people I know in real life. So learn about it so that you can use it to your advantage and actually get what you want out of life instead of being an eternal pessimist. 
Don't be so Hard on Yourself! Just do your best! Life is life, everyone stumbles, climbs up high, stumbles some more, has ups and downs, gets emotional, and experiences heart-breaks. But everyone also can experience blissful happiness, joys, smiling, laughter, and love. Success comes from trying and stumbling and going up and down along the path of life. Don't be so hard on yourself when things don't go as you wanted, planned, or hoped more. You a beautiful success no matter what you do in life. Have patience and be easy on yourself. 
Pick up the 365 Day Bucketlist! This is something that I am very excited about and will have available at ReLove hopefully in the next couple days :). It will be a list of 365 things that you should complete this year, from minimal small things to larger step-out-of-your-comfort-zone type tasks. ;) It will be very exciting and my way of giving you an extra kick this year towards blissful fun and Happiness. 

Have a wonderful last week of 2011! Hope you all have a fantastic New Year and set some positive intentions for 2012! Thank you for your continued love, support, and visiting ReLove! Much Love and Positivity! 


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