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Ⓥ Vegan Kitchen: Holiday Feast Ⓥ

 Okay, so I know this is a bit late since Thanksgiving and Christmas have already passed, however I figure for all those other holiday meals that like to pop up throughout the year this would be useful for you to have anyway. well

When it comes to having a Vegan Holiday Feast, many of us aren't quite sure where to start, especially if you're new to the vegan world. This is to give you some ideas, some of my favourites, and how to make sure your guests will enjoy the meal as--because, hey, vegan food is amazing and it's nice to prove people wrong! ;) 

Replacing the essentials...

Vegan Stuffing: Aside from the thought of anything cooking inside a turkey's privates sounding absolutely revolting, vegan replacements are far healthier and tastier (in my personal opinion). Even back before I was vegan and a carnivorous junky, my mother made this dish Not inside a turkey's butt and it was delicious. All you really need are breadcrumbs, spices, and vegetable broth and it tastes just like any other stuffing. You can even find gluten-free breadcrumbs to keep it gluten-free or flavour a Rice dish with stuffing spices. The Recipe here is great.
Or for something a little different try "Rice Stuffing" Recipe here

One of my favourite items to make and serve for any Holiday Feast is a Roast. Carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsnips, squash, whatever root vegetables you'd like!
Recipe here: Root Vegetable Roast!

You could also make Mashed Potatoes or yams ,or Roasted Squash

Tofurky is a lovely turkey replacement. However, if you're allergic to wheat or gluten, like me, then this is not a good option. My favourite thing to make are Tofu Balls (recipe here), and everyone always loves them, I haven't heard anyone not like them yet. 

If you want something non-traditional, I love making Mac 'n' Shews, the most amazing vegan macaroni and cheese recipe ever! 

A Cauliflower bake is another wonderful addition to a Holiday Feast. I'll share a recipe soon from a friend of mine that she made at a potluck back for Thanksgiving. And any other veggie dish is always lovely, and healthy of course!

Really, though, it is not hard to have a Vegan Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, or any other feast. You don't have to sacrifice anything, you won't feel as if you're missing out on that turkey or any other meat once you try a vegan feast. Give it a try and you'll fall in love with a vegan lifestyle as I have! :) 


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  1. We made some very nice stuffed aubergines with cheese and veggies that you could do with vegan cheeses for sure!


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