Tuesday, January 24, 2012

☺ Vote for the Next Two Silk Screen Tees! ☺

Last vote I promise! ;) 
I decided to show you all the images and now you get to truly choose and vote! I will be making Two New Silk Screens! Vote for your first choice in the first Poll and the second poll is your second choice! :)
I only have room for two, but the rest will eventually hopefully get out with your support. ;)
Also I will be making necklaces and coloured prints available for order this week. xo

If you guys have any other ideas, wants, wishes, that you would like to see then please leave a comment as well. :)  
Poll ends this Friday (the 27th)

First Choice:
<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/living/new-silk-screen-themes/question-2415871/" title="New Silk Screen Themes!">New Silk Screen Themes!</a>

Second Choice:

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/living/new-silk-screen-themes-second-choice/question-2415895/" title="New Silk Screen Themes (second choice)">New Silk Screen Themes (second choice)</a>

If you found this article to be helpful, please consider a small donation or visit the shop. Thank you for your love and support.


  1. First Choice: "Not entertained" with the adorable elephant
    Love the message and the fabulous design <3 :')

    Second Choice: "No more tests, Pwease"

  2. make sure you vote on the poll too xoxo

  3. I think I was just able to vote again ;) bwahaha!!! I didn't see the anti-testing one in the 1st choice box though, so I had to pick it in the 2nd choice box.

  4. thanks to everyone who voted!!! :) I should have the new screens done today or tomorrow weeeee! :)


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