Monday, January 16, 2012

☺ Motivational Mondays! Starting your Day Right! ☺

I like changing things up a bit every so often with the Motivational Mondays post, so today's post is going to be all about getting your day started off right! If you can start your day off right then chances are that positivity will carry through to the rest of your beautiful day! It's like how your day can spiral if you stub your toe in the morning and everything else continues to go wrong that day. If you start your day off in a positive way then that too will continue. Go go PMA! ;) 

So, to start your day off right...

Announce how Awesome the Day is! Immediately as you get up, throw some fist pumps in the air and shout out "today is going to be fan-freakin Awesommmmmme!!!"
Be Thankful for Everything! I really mean everything here, like absolutely everything! As soon as you open your eyes, be grateful for your sight, for colours and shades of light. As you take your first step of the morning, be grateful for that step, for the feel of the floor beneath your toes. As you take your first mouthful of food, be grateful for the food, the texture, the flavour, the nourishment it provides. As you see yourself in the mirror, be grateful for you, for your smile, for your body, for your beautiful soul. As you touch something, be grateful for touch and feel. Within the first ten minutes of waking up you should have thanked the universe for at least fifty things!
Stop! Happy Dance Time! Dundundundun dundun dundun… seriously let loose and dance like a fool for a moment, it'll feel awesome! You don't even need music (although blasting music really loudly is incredibly satisfying). There is something wonderful about a happy little release where you can allow yourself to be silly, laugh, and get a little energy pumping right away in the morning.  
Eat a Good Healthy Breakfast! You won't start your morning off to anything great if you start off by filling your body up with crap. I say it time and time again, your stomach and your mind are connected! If you treat one badly, the other, too, will suffer. Eat healthy! Especially in the morning! Get a healthy dose of protein and some fresh fruit! My favourite are protein-filled smoothies--check out my Vegan Kitchen section for recipes ;). 
Smile Therapy! In the form of meditation, make time for five minutes to just sit in one place and smile with your eyes closed. Let your mind empty and fill up with only positive happy feelings. Focus on those happy positive feelings, release anything negative that may arise. And be sure to Smile really really big! Even laugh if you feel like it! 
Positive Affirmations! Reminding you again to repeat your Positive Affirmations! Take the time every morning to repeat them and really focus on them. Don't just repeat them like some mundane routine, really focus positive energy and attention on them. Make them real, make them feel good! The more you believe, the faster they'll come true! :)  
Arm Yourself with PMA! After practicing all of the above you should be ready and feeling fantastic! So now, go out and enjoy the rest of your day armed with a Positive Mental Attitude to keep the good vibes going and to turn away the unfavourable. No matter what happens, remember PMA. 

Now go and have the best damn day ever! Keep the Happy spiral effect going! And see if you don't pass on that contagious feel-good feeling! Practice all of the above every day this week, and try to tell me you don't have an amazing week! ;)

Create a Nice Day! xo


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  1. As always, some seriously good advice!

    I'm gonna make the meditation smiles a daily routine for sure!


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