Tuesday, January 3, 2012

☺ Just Do Your Best! ☺

Just Do Your Best!

This has everything to do with not being so hard on yourself, learning to be patient with yourself, and not taking life so seriously. 

Life has ups and downs, without those ups and downs we would never grow and learn. Gaining positive life experiences requires that roller-coaster ride. And getting to those happy, higher places, usually requires taking two steps forward and one step back, and more steps forward and then another step back… and forwards again. You get the idea. The point is that you could feel on top of the world one day, like nothing could get you down, and then the next day, or even minute, experience a complete turn-around. It's okay for this to happen. Things don't change immediately, these things take time. This isn't because of you, it's simply because change takes time. Which is why patience and respect for yourself should always be remembered. You are reprogramming old thoughts, habits, and attitudes and these things take time to rebuild. Be realistic; you are going to stumble, fail, make mistakes, feel down, and get emotional. But what you do need to understand is that all of this is okay! Being human and experiencing life requires these things in order for us to grow, learn, and become better people. Continue to be persistent and mindful of the changes happening inside you, for changes are happening, and they can be good ones when you let them be. 
You are human and you have emotions. Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies. The part that will make those lows easier will be understanding that they are going to happen but not to hold onto them. Let it go. Feel, experience, learn, and let it go. It will be up to you to simply experience life, let things pass, and walk out with a new outlook and lesson. 

[original artwork by Bianca Strom]

Those downs, after all, often represent new discoveries about ourselves or about life. We often need the "bad" experience in order to see the opposite "good" one. Your job is to let things flow instead of resisting life. Don't resist life! And an important part of this is to not beat yourself up for slipping, making mistakes, or feeling down. This too shall pass. Be optimistic! Maintain that Positive Mental Attitude! You will feel fantastic again in no time, so long as you allow the low moments to pass by, instead of dwelling on them and beating yourself up over them for happening. Be kind to yourself and be patient. Those down moments will simply be ripples in your clear sunny pond and you will watch them pass, learn and grow, and keep being happy. What you don't want to do is get upset at the ripples and agitate them further, creating more ripples instead of letting them simply settle. Let the ripples settle, watch, observe, learn, and grow. Experience life instead of resisting it. Live life with open arms and enjoy the ride. After all, that is the only purpose and meaning of existing, but to be Happy and Enjoy Life. And life is truly a magical and wondrous world when we can go with the flow, take in the lessons, and continue to smile through all the lows and highs. Enjoy it!

At the end of every day, Just do your Best. 


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