Friday, January 20, 2012

☺ Make the Best of Life at all times ☺

Make the best of life at all times. It doesn't matter what is going on in your life or in the life of those around you, you still inherently get the choice of how you are going to act and if you are going to be positive or negative. Period. Any excuses after this are all yours. 
Got a cold? Not feeling so good? Take advantage! We often complain about not getting enough time to do absolutely nothing, well here is your chance. Snuggle up with a blanket and some warm tea and read a book, write, draw, watch a movie, or just plain catch up on some sleep. 'You' time has just been handed to you. Plus, if you are sick, it's usually a sign from your body to take a rest, that you are not being respectful of yourself, or to get back to being healthy. Something is out of balance so listen to your body.  Goes back to what I've said before; your body is smart and knows what it needs. 
Even with things you don't feel as if you have any control over, like maybe you're tight on money, having a negative attitude and stressing about it will only make it worse. And this comes back to the simple Laws of Attraction. If you are constantly focussing on the fact you don't have any money then you will continue to not have money. Whereas if you decided to stop worrying about money and started appreciating the money that you do have, then guess what? You'll start to receive money in mysterious ways. Trust me because I have been at either end of this a few times this past year. Whenever I noticed my bank account was low, I'd stop getting orders and continue not having money. As soon as I stopped looking at things that way and started focussing on having lots of money I started to effortless have income coming in. Law of Attraction! 
When others are having a hard time around you one of the worst things you could do is just play the sympathy "poor me" card with them. If people are low or having a hard time the last thing they need is more of that same energy. What would help them is having smiling faces and positive energies to surround themselves with. Positivity is contagious after all (just as negativity is) so be positive. That is how you will be able to help them. And remember, it's been proven that Positive thoughts are much stronger than negative ones, so you have that on your side too! Feed them positivity instead of adding to their ordeal. 
The bottom line is this; there is always a Positive. There is always a better outlook. No matter what your life has given you, what circumstances, trials, or events, you can still make the best of life. Don't put life on hold just because something "unfavourable" has happened or is happening. You still get to choose. And that Positivity will always always always get your further in life than dwelling on something negative. 
So smile, no matter what, because you can and because you are allowed and because others could always use that positivity as well. Make the best of life, at all times, no matter what. 
Remember you're allowed to Smile. 


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  1. I love reading your blog, cause we all need a reminder of how much we need to keep on being positive!


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