Thursday, January 19, 2012

♥ ReLove's "365 Day Bucket List" ♥

I wanted to take a moment today to talk about the "365 Day Bucket List" I introduced to my Shop section a little while ago. I'm pretty (very) excited about it! Why you may ask? Well, not only is it a fun way to start off the New Year, but it is also a fun challenge that will keep on rolling all year long to keep you motivated, pumped and feeling fantastic! 

*in terrible salesperson voice* Are you tired of feeling "blah" and bored? Well look no further! The 365 Day Bucket List will get you Pumped Pumped Pumped! Excited! Doing things you would never normally do! And it could be yours for the low low price of three dollars!!!

Like my cheesy sales line? ;) Well, all silly joking aside, the purpose of this special little Bucket List is to truly inspire you, to add that extra motivation when you need it and get you all-around Pumped about Life! 

What is the Bucket List exactly?
It is a list of 300 tasks to complete in 365 days! These tasks are anywhere from as basic as to Smile, to bigger tasks encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone (like going Skinny Dipping!;)). The point of this kit is to get you excited about your day, about yourself, and about Life! And to discover more about yourself and experience life to the fullest.
Tick off tasks as you complete them. And enjoy the cute drawings too! (your Bucket List comes in black & white so you can colour them in when you're bored! Or I can colour them in for you before this gets shipped off to you. ;))
You can complete tasks at any pace you want. Some days you could complete several tasks while other days you may do none. It is a great list to turn to whenever you're bored or lacking that motivational boost to feel wonderful and inspired and blissfully happy. Remember, Happiness is in the Now and within you already. This List will help you embrace each day and live in that Now and experience that unreasonable Happiness all the time. 

Also included is the "Happiness Manifesto" with ten things you should do every week to ensure your life is Happy! It is a brilliant list I altered a bit that helps to get you on the right track in life and to ensure that happiness flows more freely and smoothly. 

Really, I just wanted to make something extra special this year that you could physically hold and turn to whenever you're feeling a little low. I knew many of you would appreciate it and I've already received excited and positive feedback (so thank you too!). 
I wanted to give you (and myself) a personal challenge to add excitement and fun into your every day life, while still providing you with a "challenge" that will help you get to a happy state of mind. For those of you who joined me last year in the "30 Day Self Challenge" then you will certainly enjoy this BucketList. The idea is very similar, but this one lasts all year long! 
It is meant to teach you a thing or two about living each day to its fullest. It is also meant to give you more confidence and the freedom to be silly and, ultimately, be free to Be You. And to generally just to have one hell of a kick-ass year! 

If you enjoy my "Motivational Mondays" posts then this List is also a Must! xo

I, too, am doing this Bucket List and will be sharing my adventures with it on my Lifestream. Wouldn't be much fun after all if you all got to do it but not me. ;)

Of course, the bottom line is this; Have fun with it! ;) This cute little booklet is sure to get your year feeling fabulous and fun every single day! Wooot wooot! 
Love you all! 


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