Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Teeny Tiny Pretty Little Thunder Fists

This is the story of how "the sweetest girl in town" punched someone in the face. 

...yes, that would be me. 

I am not one for advocating violence. Ever. And I'm not a violent person. Sure I've had my share of play fights and brawling with my 6'0" guy friend back in Edmonton, but that's all fun and games. 
So how did sweet little happy, positive, pro-love, pro-hugs me end up punching a guy in the face? Well, let me tell you a little story.

My Halloween was awesome (see this post). I had so much fun and it was a perfect night... almost. There was one bump in the night and it still kind of rattles my nerves. I'm not holding onto anything, because I just don't do that but I feel like it was a huge offence against women and that this story should be shared for a couple of reasons. Okay, this is what happened...

It's past 2am and we hit up this little after party downtown. There was a DJ and lots of dancing and lots more fun. So I'm happily dancing away and having a blast with my friends when all of a sudden, out of no where, SLAP! Someone decides to slap my ass. I'm not talking about a little tap (although even that is not okay), I'm talking about a full-on SLAP! Hard! I turned around, fuming of course, to find two guys standing behind me. I was ready to knock both their teeth in (apparently violence was my immediate reaction, I think it's self-defence mentality) but I didn't know which one had done it and I didn't have it in me to punch the wrong guy. I told them one better fess up but both cowardly did not. I don't easily get pissed off--you know, Positive Mental Attitude advocate, Happy, free-spirited girl that I am--however I was pretty upset. But I think I had good reason to. What the guy did was not okay. I don't care what a girl is wearing, she has a right to dance without getting her ass slapped by some creepo perve. We are not getting all dressed up for guys (wake up call to the men out there that think otherwise), we are getting dressed up for OurSelves! Because it's fun! Especially on Halloween, it is fun to dress up! And while I don't think my outfit was "slutty" (Cory said it kinda was) because I was Leeloo and, again, fun, I don't think it matters what I was wearing that night, getting slapped should not have happened. I felt violated. It IS sexual assault. Hate to break it to the dumb-ass guys out there. Cory even pointed out that I could have pressed charges--had I not punched him in the face--but I didn't know his name or anything else so pressing charges would have been difficult. Still, it would have been nice to. 

Well, anyways, getting back to the actual story, I couldn't bring myself to punch the wrong guy. I would have felt awful, and to me, morally wrong. However, fortunately for me, a lovely girl beside me did see which guy slapped my behind--which was funny because after it had happened and I was trying to decide which guy to punch, I had thought to myself "someone must have seen which guy did it!" I was so grateful that she saw and I even asked her several times to make sure she was certain--again I didn't want to punch the wrong guy. 
So I stomped back over there, wound up and punched the guy square in the face. He was a big boy and he stumbled a bit. I have a hard punch (so I've  been told by all the play-fights). I'm not going to lie, it felt great to do it. I wanted to let him know that what he did was not okay. He looked absolutely shocked, I don't think he thought there would be consequences to his actions. 
Sadly, I think that guys get away with this kind of stuff entirely too often. And, again, it's not okay. What I did wasn't just for me. It was for Cory (my husband, who wasn't there, and if he was boy would that have gone a lot messier than it did). But mostly it was for all the women out there who have had the same thing happen to them. I truly felt like this was a violation against women.

There was one thing that really threw me off that night though as well. After I punched the guy and walked back over to my friends, one of his female friends came up to me and asked me "Why did you punch so-and-so in the face?" When I told her it was because he slapped my ass and that that's not okay, she replied with "So what?" 
So what??? Has it really become okay in our society for a guy to walk up to a girl and slap her ass? Is that really not an offence to women? Are women really demeaning themselves to that level? What because in stupid MTV music videos women are treated as objects to which men can do whatever they want with? Women are not objects! And it truly saddens me to think that there are women out there that can possibly say "So What?" to something like this. Stick up for yourself! Let guys know that this is not okay! Because it is Not okay. And they shouldn't get away with it. I'm happy to think that this guy will think twice the next time he decides to do something like this. Just because I'm a "cute little 5'3" chick" doesn't mean I'm not going to stick up for myself. 

Guys don't be demeaning jerks. Women, stick up for yourselves and let it be known that we are not objects and things like this are not okay. 

And that is the story of how I became named "Teeny Tiny Pretty Little Thunder Fists."


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  1. AwesomE!!! That about sums it up. I agree, it is not ok for guys to assume they can get away with that sort of behavior. And then the balls of that girl (friend) of his to ask why??? DUHH!! She obviously feels that somehow you were in the wrong!! Wrong!! Good for you for standing up for yourself, ur husband and woman all around. More of us should do the same. Lesson to be learned here. Cheers

  2. haha I hope my thunder fists inspire women everywhere ;)

  3. Even if I agree violence is not the answer, I still think you did the right thing for sure! And I know I would have done the very same thing! Actually, I once grabbed a guy by the neck and pushed him against a wall for not understanding the word NO.

  4. good for you!!!! yeah, I am so not an advocate of violence but somehow there are places where it seems appropriate :p

  5. Actually, if your husband had been there maybe it would have never happened.
    Then again, if it had happened with him there, things might have gotten very ugly, very fast.
    I've been in those situations and people are stupid and sorry to say, retarded.
    You are lucky that your situation did not turn out to be worse.


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