Wednesday, November 16, 2011

☯ What's in my Closet: Mascara! ☯

When it comes to natural beauty products, it's not always easy to find things that work well and are truly natural.  Most of you know that I am very picky when it comes to finding natural products. Well, not that picky, all that I ask is that it is doesn't contain nasty chemicals in them. Most do. Yes, even the ones that say "natural" and "organic" on them. So what I find I like to share with you to save you some of the searching.

Mascara seems to be one of those things that tends to be especially hit and miss. I know I've tried my share with mixed results. So, here are some that I have tried recently and my verdict...

Gabriel Color Mascara:
This is my absolute favourite mascara! Hands down, no questions. Every so often if I run out I try something new. Or sometimes I just try something new because I want to know what is out there. But I always come back to this one. It looks great, holds great, doesn't sting (unless you put a blob right into your eye... which you shouldn't do... or poke yourself with the wand... which I don't recommend). It's rich, actually shows on your lashes, extends, thickens, and well, looks fabulous. It holds great even though it's not waterproof (I still don't recommend swimming in it) but you don't want all the nasty cancerous chemicals that come with waterproof mascaras anyway. 
All said and done, this is the mascara I use and I love love love it!

Maia's Mineral Galaxy Mascara:
So far this is probably my second favourite truly natural mascara. The company itself is fantastic and has tons of great eyeshadows, foundations, and other makeup products that I also recommend. I LOVE their eyeshadows and foundations but I will share more of that in another post. Getting back to their mascara though... First, I'll say that it goes on great and does show up boldly on your lashes unlike many other natural mascaras. My only complaint is that it's slow drying and tends to get moist pretty easily which sometimes results in black smudges on your eyelids if you're not careful. It stings a little too but if you're careful applying you'll be fine. Otherwise I do like this mascara and is definitely my second choice. 

Suncoat Mascara:
I just tried this one. One, because the store here in Nelson where I usually get my Gabriel Color mascara stopped carrying it for no good reason and instead are carrying this one. And, two, because I had thought about trying in the past but never ended up doing so. Pros? It is truly natural and is vegan. Cons? Everything else. I was hugely disappointed with this mascara. It was terrible to apply, barely showed up so I had to apply it about twenty times before anything could be seen on my lashes. It stung like hell and didn't hold well. It was slow to dry and smudged during the day if it was even slightly damp. I don't like to write bad reviews, I truly don't, but I simply can't allow anyone else to make the same mistake I did. For $15.00 a bottle I expected more. Fortunately I was able to return it. I also tried their liquid eyeliner with similar results; didn't hold at all and came off far too easily, kind of defeating the purpose of a nice bold liquid eyeliner. 
I don't want to leave Suncoat on a bad note however, and I was drawn to the company for a reason... their nail polishes are fantastic! So go buy their nail polish but please stay away from the mascara and eyeliners. ;)  

Have any natural mascaras that you enjoy? Please share so I can try them out! :)

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  1. I also love Gabriel Color mascara! I don't think I've ever seen another person blogging about it before!! *high five!!!*

    I have two "back-up" tubes under my sink! :)

  2. I had a backup but then forgot which one was the backup and was using both at the same time and then they both ran out so I'm scraping the last out of mine while waiting for my order to get in haha ooooops!

    oh and *high five!!!* :D

  3. How do you feel about Bare Minerals make ups?

  4. Thank you for the suggestions, I'm always trying to find some mascaras that are not the usual chemicals-filled ones!

  5. Leslie, Bare Minerals is another one of those companies that says they are 'natural" but aren't really. I tried them out too when I first got into "natural" products, before I read labels :P turns out they still have things like paragons and other nasty chemicals in most of their products. If you check them out at Skin Deep their safety range is anywhere from 1-7 so it depends which product. I tend to just stay away when their range is that big though.

    Pili, glad I can help! I've looked around so much for truly natural product so it's nice if I can save others the same hours and work ;p



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