Thursday, November 24, 2011

☺ Time Enjoyed is Not Wasted ☺

Society teaches us to be so busy busy, go go go! If you are not doing something than you are wasting time. But this is not true. So stop a moment and Be Still. 

What do you want to do? 
Playing, going for a walk, resting, sitting in silence and in stillness watching the water ripple or the leaves of a tree flutter in the wind is not time wasted. If you are enjoying yourself, if you are Happy, then you are not wasting time, you are living to the fullest, living freely, and that is what is truly important. 

We are taught and convinced early on in life to spend every minute of every day being "productive" and if we are not doing something "productive" then we are wasting our precious time and therefor our lives. Work, do school sports, homework, do chores, eat quickly, do this do that. And we go on into life continuing this horrible busy mentality. Yet time is a concept created by humans, and such a concept is only truly valuable to us if it is to our benefit, not our destruction. Most people spend so much of their "time" trying to make sure they're not wasting it that their lives flash by without fulfillment or happiness or joy, and they don't even realize this until it's too late or ever at all. And what is the point of such a life? If you are miserable, being a super productive but workaholic worn-out machine for the sake of what society teaches us, then what is the point? The point of life is to be happy and, well, enjoy it. Wearing yourself out by never resting and only doing things you see as "beneficial" or "productive" is not really living at all.

I'm not saying sit around and do nothing and never work, however balance is everything. At the very bottom line, if you are not Enjoying yourself then don't bother doing it. And there are lots of tricks, tips, and resources on how to achieve this, whether it's changing your situation, job, or attitude, but depending on your personal situation that is another topic altogether. 

Running around wearing yourself out is not enjoyment or fulfillment or happiness. It's like running around trying to find and catch Happiness when Happiness is something you Are and feel and it is felt when you stop chasing something that you just Are
To be restful and still is time well spent, enjoying time as opposed to wasting this time. What is actually wasting "time" and your life is running around without rest or happiness, doing things you don't want to do, and existing without fulfillment. Remember that most people are actually wasting away in that busy lifestyle as opposed to gaining anything from it.

So appreciate the beauty in those moments of stillness. Appreciate the time spent with a smile on your face and lightness in your heart. Feel the breeze in your hair, the grass beneath your skin, the sunshine on your face. Lay a while in peace, without the noise of busy society. Enjoy doing nothing at all. Time spent well is not wasted at all, it is these moments that we should truly place value upon and when we are actually living instead of being a mindless busy distracted drone. 

Time enjoyed, time doing "nothing" but having a smile on your face is valuable beyond the lure of a blind society. Enjoy time well wasted. Do not feel guilty for time spent resting. Rest is not idleness. Rest is precious and beautiful and is time well spent. 
Spend more time "wasting time."


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