Monday, November 14, 2011

☺ Motivational Mondays; Top Tips to Be Happy! ☺

I have seriously been beaming with perfect bliss all weekend long! In case you didn't know, it was my 25th Birthday yesterday, and I've been celebrating all weekend long. It was wonderful and perfect, best birthday yet! And I have PMA to thank for that and all the effort that I've put into my life over the years but especially this past year. 

I want to spread that perfect bliss with the rest of you! So I'm dedicating today's Motivational Monday post to looking back on this past year and sharing what I believe have been the most helpful tips in being Happy and maintaining a positive life!  

Choose to be Happy! Don't make it harder than it needs to be, stop making excuses and just BE Happy. That's all there is to Happiness. Yes, it takes practice and persistence for it to come more naturally for whatever past ways of thinking have done to our minds, but it really is that simple. So Be Happy. Now!
 Work through your problems... If you have certain past issues, or current issues, that are getting in the way of your Being Happy Now, work through them--Now! Put on your big girl or boy pants and get some help! Do what you need to do to get better but stop putting it off. And stop having a bad attitude towards councillors, therapists, psychiatrists, and other people that may be able to help you. Suck it up, get over it, and get some help. 
Find the Positive in Everything… because, yes, in Everything there is a positive side. Every single time. So look at the positive and you'll receive more of that! Maintain that Positive Mental Attitude every single second of the day! PMA PMA PMA!
 Stop talking about the Negative! Stop talking and writing about it. We focus too much time on the bad things going on in our lives and in doing so we are just affirming it to ourselves over and over again. If you want your life to be awesome, start talking about how awesome it is and you will attract more awesomeness!
Keep your Mind on what you Want! One more time now, stop paying so much attention to the things you don't want, as that only brings more of what you don't want into your life! Instead, focus only on what you Do want. Don't affirm statements of negation. Only things you want. What you think about comes about. Thoughts become things
 Maintain Positive Affirmations! Repeat your Positive Affirmations daily. Focus on what you want in life and who you want to be, and thank the Universe for these things--even if you don't have them yet. Affirm affirm affirm--out loud, on paper, however you need to do it.  
Love is always the Answer! Love yourself first, it's not vain or conceded, it's important and vital for your happiness and to spread that happiness and love to those around you. Love yourself First, and everything else will come naturally after. Love everything and everyone. Loving thoughts get you much farther in life than holding onto negative feelings. So Love love love! And love some more! 
Say Yes! Stop being lazy and making up excuses, and go out and LIVE! The things I have done this year in comparison to my years before is immense, because I said YES! To invitations, to doing things, to adventures, to people, to LIFE! Start saying yes and Start Living!      
Stop Stressing… it gets you absolutely no where. There is ZERO point in allowing yourself to get stressed out over things. ZERO! Take a step back and remind yourself to take a breather, look realistically at the situation, and be open to what life is giving you. Stress happens when the Mind resists what Is. 
Go with the Flow… What the mind resists persists. So go with the flow of life, accept what is coming your way, take it in, let it go, don't resist it, and keep on flowing along.   
 Don't Take Life so Seriously! Stop over thinking and overanalyzing every little thing. Things happen, such is life. Stop taking things so seriously and just enjoy your life! That's the purpose of existing, to enjoy it!!  

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. The power of just smiling. The power of Love. All of these things will keep your life on track and happy and keep good things entering your life!

Love you! Have the best week ever!!    


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