Monday, November 28, 2011

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

Tralalalalala…oh what? I'm singing?! On a MONDAY?! But Mondays…. ROCK!!!! Start your week off right, get Pumped! :)   

Start Holiday Shopping! It may seem early, but if you're like me then everything gets left 'til the last minute and then you're scrambling for the perfect gifts. I like to shop online as well so keep in mind the time it takes to make and ship things, which is why you should start Holiday Shopping now!
Buy HandMade &/or Local! We've lost the meaning of Christmas! You know it, I know it, we all know it. It's not supposed to be about materialism, it's about thoughtfulness and love and sharing and happiness and family and friends and togetherness, and all lovely things. Try opting out of presents this year and instead focus on time spent together. Or if you are gift-exchanging this year then choose Local and/or Handmade rather than big corporations and cheap, well, crap. Choose something thoughtful and with meaning, but the love back into gifts! 
Spend Time with Friends & Family! I know, we all live such busy hectic lives, but it's important to make quality time with those we love. Family and friends are important so make time for them, always.  
If You're not Happy, Change something! People will make all sorts of excuses as to why they are "stuck" with the lives that they have, but you're not! Put on your big boy/girl pants and change you life!          
Stop Apologizing… for everything! People apologize entirely too much for being, well, human. Yes, some things perhaps you should apologize for, but only if you understand if and why you should be apologizing. I'm not talking about just a polite "sorry," I'm talking about the things that you really don't or shouldn't be apologizing for. For instance, whatever you do, don't apologize for being You! Try paying more attention to just how much you catch yourself apologizing and stop! 
The Great Meaning of Life! …is to ENJOY it! There is no big secret, no happiness to chase after, or made-up purpose to find. The purpose is to BE Happy and to Enjoy your life! What other reason is there? If you're not enjoying your life, start doing so! Now!   
Smile Smile Smile… Yes, smile all the time, but today I am giving that extra reminder to smile at Strangers! Smile at everyone! Catch your reflection in the mirror? Smile! See someone pass you on the street? Smile! Smile Smile Smile until your cheeks hurt--in a good way. ;) 

Have a wonderful blissful week! 


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  1. Excellent post! I was actually looking forward to today and have done quite a few things on your list! :)


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