Monday, November 7, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays! ☺

Hoorah hooray for Monday!!!! Oh come on, you know you're really excited you just don't want to be because it's the "beginning of the week." No more yucks! Only smiles and laughs and joys! Let's get this week started out right! 

Tell people you love them! Go on, don't be shy! They'll appreciate it and you get to feel all warm and loved inside. I'm not sure why we're all so afraid of that word sometimes... Say I love you!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! xo
Know when to be Social & when to be Alone... Balance is everything! Of course I will always promote being social and interacting with people, however it is also important to respect your mind and body and know when it is time to rest and take some "You" time. Be respectful to those balances. 
Read Lots of Inspirational Quotes! I find quotes to be incredibly inspiring and motivating. So go ahead and give it a try! Come back here and tell me your favourite quote that you found today. 
Start paying attention to the "Signs" There are signs everywhere from the Universe, letting us know we are on the right track, guiding our way, getting us out of trouble, and so much more. However, we tend to dismiss and overlook these signs thinking they are nothing more then "coincidences." Start paying attention to the signs!  
Value YourSelf! We sadly don't do this often enough. We constantly seek the approval of others as if others need to make us feel valuable. You ARE valuable! But You are the one that needs to accept and embrace that, stop looking for the approval of others to know this. 
Feel what you need to Feel! Getting back to "let emotions flow and then let them go." It's sometimes too easy to forget--and I will share a personal story about this soon--but emotions are good things, resisting them only allows them to linger and manifest to breaking points. If you need to feel angry or upset for a moment, just feel it and then let it go and get on with your day in a more positive light.     
Keep Your Mind on what you Do Want… and Off the things you Don't want! I wrote an article about this recently but I feel it needs shouting from the rooftops. Why? Because too many people do it. Hell, I'm guilty of it. But awareness means making changes to start focussing on the positive and focussing on what you Do want instead of manifesting the things you Don't want.

Have a loverly Fantabulous week!!! Come back and share those quotes! And your inspirations, and how fabulous your week is going!  


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