Friday, November 18, 2011

☺ What's Holding You Back? You! ☺

To move forwards sometimes you must examine what's holding you back. After you examine all the circumstances, people, and things, really the only thing holding you back is You. We may be resistant to hear this, it is after all so much easier to pass the blame on to everything but yourself. But, hard as you may try to convince yourself otherwise, You are still the master of your life. I've spoken about this topic before--about taking responsibility of your life--and this is worth a read (or revisit) if you are still resistant to accepting that responsibility and control over your life. But let me say again how incredibly empowering and liberating this responsibility of acceptance can truly be. 
It will help you move forward, which is the focus of today's topic. 

Too easily we believe that all the things around us are the sources which hold us back in life. It seems like an easy scapegoat. It isn't. And I will definitely elaborate. 
In reality, it's not what happens to us, it's not our life circumstance, our family, friends, boss, relationships, or jobs that decide our lives--You do. Everything else is just an excuse. Because excuses mean we don't have to be responsible. But you are, so take that responsibility and change your life into what you want it to be. 

The excuses are just the building blocks to the walls of the fortress we build around us and hold us back. We build our own walls, and the more we pile on the excuses the higher those walls become, making it harder to break it back down and see beyond the illusions created within. 

Each wall may represent a different set of excuses, blinding our vision to what may be on the other side.

Let's say one wall represents blocks of an emotional level. Insecurity, pessimism, negativity, self-pity, lack of self-worth, unhappiness, fatigue, fear, discomfort, doubt, and so on. All these emotions that make you feel as if your dreams are unattainable. These are all ideas created by your own Mind, but because you believe them, they become real. Well what if one day you gain some confidence and courage, start loving yourself, believe you can do anything, become adventurous, become positive, and release doubt? Do you not see how quickly that wall would crumble and what new opportunities and happiness could now become visible, open, and available to you? If we refuse to look beyond the walls, how will you know that anything else exists? This is why having the right attitude is key to anything worthwhile. 

But there are more walls, remember? Another wall is build by the blocks of relationships. The excuses of blame fall onto family members, friends, your partner, coworkers, boss, and so on. Maybe someone doesn't support you. Or perhaps you're afraid what someone else might think. Maybe you're afraid of hurting someone. Maybe the blame falls onto that you have children, or you feel restricted by your spouse or partner. We all at some point have tried blaming another person for something going wrong in our lives. At the end of the day, these too are excuses and they needn't be. You can still live the life you want. No one else is to blame for your choices. And no one has to be a restriction either. Your parents aren't responsible for the way you act today. Your partner isn't responsible for making you happy or making your life perfect. Your children aren't the things holding you back.  Let go of all the excuses and blame and you'll find a way to make things work. You are your own person with your own life. You must be responsible for that life and your own happiness first before you are of benefit to others. Let go of the excuses and let the wall open up for you where possibilities and solutions await.

The third wall is made out of "Things" and this encompasses anything in between, because excuses can come from whatever our imaginations allow. Money is a common one, and material things like cars, computers, supplies, etc. But if you top focussing attention on not having these things and instead become open to them somehow coming, you'd be surprised by how quickly things tend to come together. Remember, the Universe is a magical place. Remember that there is always a solution, an answer, and a way. Let go of restricting thoughts and become open to possibilities. 

The last wall is built by the blocks of circumstance, and this is often a big wall. We are not born with this wall, but many of us act as if we were. We too often feel like we are at a predisposition to certain lifestyles, jobs, or relationships because of the life we are born and raised in. It's easy to become close-minded to the belief that anything else exists beyond what we know or because that's all that we know and in some strange way it's comforting because it's familiar. We think if this is the life we are given then we cannot push past it. If you're born into poverty, abuse, illness, or if you live in a particular neighbourhood, town, city, or country those become your walls. But remember that those walls are still just excuses. We may think of these circumstances as disadvantages but really they are just excuses. If you spend your entire life saying that you can't, then of course that's the reality you are giving yourself. You create your own reality, therefor your own life. They are only blocks if you allow them to be. Don't keep saying to yourself, to others, or to me "but what about [insert excuse here]?" Save it and accept that they don't have to be what's holding you back. I don't have all the answers, I've only lived my life and experienced my circumstances, relationships, etc. But somewhere within You there is your own answer and your own way.

Out of nowhere and no way, a way will be made. 

Think of all the amazing things people have done in the world out of nothing. Think of all the people that were at "disadvantages" and came out with huge success. Think of all the people who have turned their lives around and helped change the world for the better. There are thousands of inspirational stories out there, and many more that we may never know. But with all of these people all they did was let down those walls of excuses holding them back and a bigger picture became open to them. And that can be You. The only thing holding you back is You. Let down those walls, stop holding yourself back, and start living the life you've always dreamed of. 


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  1. Something we all need to hear at least once, and something I will revisit early next year for sure!


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