Tuesday, April 9, 2013

☼ Grow your own damn Food! ☼

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These weekly posts are to share the progress of our garden; sharing photos and our gardening experiments and will hopefully inspire you to grow your own garden too! :) 
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It's been a rainy week most of this week, but fortunately last Tuesday was beautiful and we got a bunch of gardening done! 
Okay, so I'll start with, well, the starts. ;) The peppers have finally all come up and growing quickly! Our so very nice landlords lent us a heat pad to place underneath them since peppers like warmth--like a lot. The romaine lettuce seedlings have started to pop up as well that we planted last week. And everything else is still growing and getting bigger and healthier.

Last week's post I mentioned that we were going to make the last garden bed. So we finished up all the beds! It was a day spent shovelling horse poop basically. Yum! For the last bed, we turned over the grassy soil and then did a thick layer of straw and then a pile of horse manure. Because the manure still kind of Looked like poop, we hosed it down with water and used a hoe and rake to break it down. 

[newest garden bed/ last one to be built]

The back garden beds used to have flowers and plants in them. Cory already raked out all the stones and turned over some of the soil. We finished off the beds with a nice layer of manure and did the same thing; soaking it with water and breaking it down. This completes all our garden bed making! It's nice to be done, one more thing down and done. The rain all week has been nice for the manure as well, to really break it down and soak it in. See, rain is good sometimes too. Balance, right? 

[Back Garden Beds. Poop!] 

[Soggy Poop!] 

[Lyla and Buster watching us rake manure from the windows] 

[soaked the other three front garden beds too]

The radishes outside have gotten so big! And there is also soooo many of them! A thousand radishes!!! (I kept teasing Cory because he planted sooo many haha). We thinned those out since there were so many. The mustard greens are also getting nice and big and healthy outside too. That's still all really for anything planted outside yet. Since we've had so much rain and a bit of a cold snap, we decided to wait a bit.

[thinning the radishes]

 [happy mustard greens]

[frost cover for the radishes and mustard greens in the greenhouse]

So, the garden beds are all done. The seedlings are doing well. Can't complain. Today is another day off for Cory and the sun is flickering between the clouds so we'll be out doing more. I'll share more next week. ;) 

[happy seedlings]

Hope you're all having a beautiful day and that your gardening and planting is going splendidly. :)


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  1. love the kitties looking through the window! everything is looking great


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