Tuesday, April 2, 2013

☼ Grow your own damn Food! ☼

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These weekly posts are to share the progress of our garden; sharing photos and our gardening experiments and will hopefully inspire you to grow your own garden too! :) 
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Exciting week, watching all the starts getting bigger and all coming up! 
Most of the tomatoes have come up now, broccoli and collards are getting bigger. The kale, pok choi, and swiss chard have all come up as well and are outgrowing everything else. One little pepper plant has just peeked up so hopefully the rest will follow soon. 

[tomatoes and broccoli (left) / kale, pok choi, swiss chard (right)]

We planted some mustard greens earlier in the week in the outdoor greenhouse and they have all popped up now as well. And the radishes are getting bigger!

This week was also eventful and full of poop. Literally, full of poop. Cory and our landlords went out to a nearby riding club to get a couple truck loads of manure for the garden beds. Manure is amazing for gardening. I know it sounds icky if you're unfamiliar with gardening, but manure is like the gold of soil. It's rich with minerals and nutrients and plants love it. Manure is composted for at least a year or two before you use it in your garden, turning it to soil. It was funny though because getting the manure, some of it still looked like poop which threw me off a bit. Cory on the other hand was right in there. He's separated it between our already built garden beds, breaking it up into soil. The front beds will soon be ready now that we have the manure as well, since we didn't want to plant with just what was there for veggies that need something a little richer.

[big pile of poop]

Tomorrow we're going to build the last garden bed--but I'll share that next week. ;) 
Lastly, last night we planted some romaine lettuce in more of our little biodegradable pots to transplant once it warms up.  

Oh, and we've also decided that this year we're going to be doing all our gardening barefoot! Why? To ground ourselves, to release all the positive ions in our bodies and fill up on the good negative ions that our bodies are lacking living in the type of world we do now. I spent all day on Sunday barefoot and it felt amazing, you could Feel the good energy enter my body, it was wonderful and relaxing. :)

We've had a beautiful week as far as weather goes too which is always nice for getting in the gardening spirit. Yesterday was actually 20°C!!! Feels like summer over here! Although we are forecast for rain starting thursday and all the rest of the week. Ah well, we can't complain, it's only just April and we've already had a nice March instead of cold and snow up here in Canada. ;) 
Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! Tell me about your gardening plans! :)  


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  1. wow those radishes are amazing already! I was SO bummed it was so hot while we were away, nothing like TRYING to tell the person looking after your house when to have the tunnels off or on! and our seedlings are being attacked my mold, fungus and gnats. GAH.

    yay manure!! SOO awesome for the garden.. except root veggies... it makes them fork unless the manure is really decomposed, but you guys got some that was! yay! we still need to ask for more!

    this weekend we have to tackle mulching the garden. ah..
    love the barefoot idea. our garden is too big for that, as my feet would be full of manure and dirt, but me and the girls walk barefoot to the bridge!


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