Thursday, April 18, 2013

☺ "Fuck Diets"☺

The other day, a friend of mine shared this article with me, appropriately named "Fuck Diets" by "Rage Grrl" over at Ladybud, and I think you should all hop over there and read it too. It's cleverly written and boasts the body positivity we should all have for ourselves as opposed to the backwards societal image crammed in our faces left and right by the media. 
I am deciding to tell you about this article because it's bloody brilliant and I feel that every woman (or man for that matter) needs to read it. So, head over and give it a read, and be sure to share with all your friends! Because in today's day and age we need to start thinking better about our bodies and have a better grasp on what's wrong with the society we are currently living in and how it makes us feel.

And if you want some more body positive reading then be sure to check out my article on


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1 comment:

  1. I agree. We (in this country, anyway)...except for the unplugged (aka Amish) have totally lost who we are and traded our brains (collectively) to be 'told' what we are. On so many levels. Good article. Thank you.


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