Tuesday, April 9, 2013

☆ Monsanto: Protected Thanks to Congress ☆

If you feel squeamish at the mere mention of the name Monsanto then you have good reason. If you still don't care about what Monsanto is doing then it's time to wake up.
I'm actually surprised at myself for not having yet written an article about Monsanton directly yet or GMOs. I've talked about reasons to go Organic, but not specifically about Monsanto. Guess that will be coming soon then. In the meantime, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) cause known health problems, and wreck havoc on ecosystems and the environment. So why was a bill just passed that protects Monsanto from lawsuits and from being held liable?  
Almost any industry that puts its consumers in harm’s way is subject to lawsuits, yet the U.S. government has just granted corporations that genetically alter food an exemption by sneaking it into the Agricultural Appropriations Bill. Activists are not so lovingly referring this new Bill as the "Monsanto Protection Act."
This bill was quickly and rather sneakily signed into law, with Obama and Congress under the pressure of a government shutdown due to being out of a federal budget. The politics of it all sounds as absurd as they likely are. On top of that, this law was signed while everyone was so busy paying attention to the Marriage Equality rights were being reviewed in the Supreme Court. Sneaky much?
Congress members are also playing dumb, saying they weren't aware of that part of the bill when they signed it. Well, that's reassuring? 

Monsanto, of course, is the agricultural biotechnology giant constantly surrounded by controversy. Considering the company had the most to gain from this law’s passage, surely it played some role in lobbying. As if it weren't obvious enough, Monsanto has really labeled itself guilty by needing this act to go through, in the first place. I mean if Monsanto genuinely believes its approach to agriculture is not harmful, then it wouldn't go to such great, secretive lengths to grant itself immunity from litigation now would it? 

Let's take a look at Monsanto's track record shall we? 

I think one word can continually be applied to the corporation’s business practices: Untrustworthy! 

So what to do about it?
Well, despite all of this there is a stem of hope and good news… since the entire bill was passed on an emergency basis, the law is only in effect for six months. The real question will be now that the formerly “oblivious” members of Congress have been made aware by concerned Americans, will they put a stop to this dangerous precedent or renew it to continue to protect their negligent corporate friends?
I say we keep some pressure on Congress to reverse the bill over the next six months. Join any lobbying against Monsanto and GMOs.  

And, of course, aside from being aware and speaking up, you can always put your money where your mouth is; by choosing to support companies against GMOs and for GMO labelling, and by buying from companies that do not use GMOs in their products. Choose Organic, and Local whenever possible. Grow your own food, and choose to get your seeds from local people or sources that you know are organic and non-gmo, and open-pollinated seeds so that you can save seeds and replant the next year. Remember that money speaks. With GMOs already being banned in other regions of the world, I certainly believe we can band together to make that happen in North America. It's time for a Food Revolution!


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