Thursday, April 11, 2013

☺ I want to THRIVE not just SURVIVE! ☺

Life is about Happiness. It is about feeling Love for ourselves and everything around us. Sadly, most of us feel a lack of love and are not happy. You shouldn't be spending your life struggling or simply surviving. You should be THRIVING, Living life to the fullest, and experiencing the deepest levels of unreasonable happiness. 
Surviving is simply going through our days in and out in a mundane routine. This orderly fashion in which we stumble through the struggles, tripping over our own feet but continuing forth in a negative or lacklustre sort of mind-set. Our days are filled with pushing through work to get time off, to take weekends to buy material things in attempts to create happiness and to satisfy a bad mood, which means we have to work more and live less. Then we repeat this. Over and over. Our minds wander from the present moment as if it weren't even there, constantly worrying about the future, dwelling on the past, and trying to plan out our lives, placing Living always away on some distant horizon out of reach. 
It's time to wake up and realize that this simply isn't Living. If you're tired of feeling this way, of living this way, then I invite you to change your life, to change your attitude, and to change your destiny.  
ReLove focusses a lot of time on our well-being, our state of happiness, of working through problems to live life openly and freely. This issue I want to talk about today is a habit, it's a way of living (or not living) that is so easy to fall into. We become perpetual zombies simply surviving. Sometimes barely. Why settle for this when you could be thriving? I want to motivate you today to Thrive and to get motivated to Be Happy. 

Thriving is a state of being, and it does take practice. The good thing, however, is that you can start in any moment to Start thriving. Choosing to thrive will immediately set your Real Life into motion and begin the upward climb to this becoming a way of life and not just a daily practice. 
But let's start with daily practice. 
So, how does one thrive? 
The basic way in which to thrive is to catch yourself when you're feeling like a zombie, and to refocus your attention on feelings of joy and happiness and love. Thriving is about changing your attitude and realizing what's already in front of you. The truth is that reality is what you make it. You can choose to see the beauty all around you and Experience That, or you can choose to overlook it and continually see a boring, mundane life and Experience That. Your Choice. 
For the sake of this article, we're going to choose option one. ;) 
First, open your eyes. What do you see? Maybe you're surrounded by nature making this easy. In which case, appreciate all that nature does for you, for the life and beauty it so easily and readily provides. But perhaps you're somewhere less easy, like work. Maybe you're stuck in a tiny cubicle with man-made walls and computers and no windows. But maybe you have a photo of family or friends at your desk? If so, focus love and joy and appreciation onto that. Maybe you don't have a photo there or good relationships, for that matter, in your life. That's still okay, you can work with that. Make a paper airplane and throw it across the room. See if someone reciprocates. See, aren't we having fun already? Not so boring now is it? Maybe you're not allowed to have fun at work… well then you always have your handy imagination which brings me to the next step… 
Positive Affirmations. 
I wrote a full article on Positive Affirmations that I invite you to read. But, again for this article's sake… Positive Affirmations are words or phrases to repeat to yourself daily of what you want your life to be like and Who You Want to Be. This can be anything from motivating yourself to be happy, to being successful, or anything your heart desires. It doesn't have to be something that is technically "real" yet, but can be things you're working towards, but say them as if they Are Reality Now. Things like: "I am a Happy Person," "I love my life," "My life is Fun and full of Adventure!" Obviously, these Affirmations are to be Positive or we're missing the point. 

So, say you're stuck in that cubicle, what a perfect time to take a moment to repeat those affirmations in your head! The power of affirmations is amazing and can instantly lift you. The trick is to really Feel what you are saying, with conviction and joy. The more you say it, the more you'll believe it, and therefor the more it will be true. 

Enjoy Work/ Work Less
Thriving is more than your work. Life is beyond your work. This you Must understand. If you do not enjoy your work, however, do something about it. You Must do this. Must Must. You most likely spend far too much time at your job to waste that time Not Enjoying Life! So find ways to enjoy it. Make a new work friend. Make your work place full of joy and inspiration by sticking up motivational and inspiring photos that will give you joy. Repeat those Positive Affirmations. Take breaks to walk outside. Find joy in it! 
If you absolutely can't, then I suggest you find new work. Follow your passions and believe in yourself. Again, you spend entirely too much time at your job to not enjoy it. But you should start by finding joys in your work or you will most likely be unable to do so in any other job you find. Even if it's simply appreciating what that job does for you and your family, and that you even have a job and money coming in. Be Appreciative. Gratitude goes a long way. 
I also recommend you work less and fit in more time for play. Spend less money on material garbage you don't need so you have more time to actually Live and do the things you Enjoy. If you try to tell me (or yourself) that you can't work less because you Need the money, then I will tell you now that "Can't" is the first word you need to scrap from your language and start believing in yourself and life. Because anything is possible. Anything. 

Beyond Work
Let's go beyond work. Because life shouldn't be all about work.
Chances are the zombie in you follows you long after your hours are clocked in at your job. *Huff* life is so boring. So we continue our boring mundane routine. 
Guess what? It's up to you to make it fun. 
Maybe there are things that you Need to get done, like groceries. Make it fun! Prance around the grocery store like a happy unicorn. Yes, I said Unicorn. Meet a stranger. Discover new food. Take a friend and make it an adventure. Find ways to make it fun. And Decide that it's going to be fun. It may sound silly, but simply Deciding something is going to be fun before you even do it places you in a different mind set and opens you up to the possibilities of magical wonderful things happening. 
How about house chores? Boohoo, don't we all have house chores to do? Have fun with it! Crank up your favourite tunes and dance around and sing as you go about your chores. Or maybe you can repeat your affirmations again? On top of that, remember that cleaning is Cleansing, not only your home but for you as well. So don't forget to take out the trash. ;)

You Decide
The truth of life is this: Life is what You Make It! You You You! Your attitude shapes everything around you. If you don't enjoy your life, if you're constantly running on empty zombie mode then it's up to you to change that. Surround yourself with bliss and positivity and inspiration. Give yourself motivation and inspiration Every-Single-Day! Choose to get excited! Choose to THRIVE! Choose Choose Choose. The power is within you, that reality already exists, you just have to choose to start living it. 
Get yourself inspired and excited. That's what this blog is here for, to give you tips every motivational monday and give you bigger boosts with articles like this throughout the week. I encourage you to read inspiring books and blogs (there are many many out there) to keep up that motivation and to change your mindset. 
Just remember that you deserve and Can Thrive. No more just surviving. Time to Thrive Thrive Thrive! Because Life is about LIVING! 

If you enjoyed this article and feel motivated to change then hang tight, my "Happiness Guide" and "Happy BootCamp" zines are coming soon as well. ;) 


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  1. Thanks for the reminders! I just said today to a lady in the grocery store "Somedays I'm thriving, right now I'm just surviving!" haha As a mom of 3 young kids who is choosing to care for them full time & living within a single income budget, my hardest obstacle is motivation-- keeping myself motivated to get the daily chores done so I can enjoy the rest. We are all fighting the fight to keep positive and it is hugely important that we help each other, like you've done here.
    loads of love,

  2. Today was a very good day for me. I started working out today, and did a one hour workout then took a quick shower. The whole day I've just been feeling very happy and energetic, plus the weather is beautiful today!

  3. This all sounds true, but I have a hunch that it will take more to change my life. Choosing to start living happier is important. We don't get to choose our genes or where we are raised, our parents do their best; however, what we do in life is something we choose. Our Beliefs too play an important part in change.

    A most pleasant read, thanks! :)


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